2004 Emmy Awards


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im asking for the songs that are played in the emmy montage where they go over the last seasons of (only listing a few here and not in any paticular order) Alias, 24, American Idol, Angels in America, Sopranos. it was in the first hour
any descriptions of the songs? genre/type, lyrics, male/female vocals, etc.?
Also from the Emmy's is a musical montage to the artists who passed away earlier this year. The music is by Jerry Goldsmith. For those who saw the show, do you know the name of the song? Thanks!
well, i can't help anymore but i can say that i would love to have the name of the song from that "in memoriam" montage since my boyfriend is bugging the hell out of me about it! thanks!
Check out Goldsmith's scoring of the film Rudy. Your boyfriend will love you for it.
Goldsmiths scoring of Rudy? Ok but what is the actual name of the song used in the "in memoriam" section of the emmys, maybe Im slow but I need a name, I know its conducted by Jerry Goldsmith but is there a name?
I Found it finally. It is basically the Main theme of the "Rudy" Soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith. Thanks for the help guys and gals.