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Any one know the song Luke and ryan were playing in the mustang just before lukes dad made out with another man?? Kind of goes "Call her on the telephone, shes not there"

Found it, its

"Get What You Need" by Jet from the album "Get Born"
Does anybody know the band name and song title of the piece of music that played at the very end of this episode where Marissa was watching the door of the hotel party room to see if Ryan would come? He ends up showing up and they kiss during the ending of the show.
"And nothing can compare...
to when you roll the dice and you swear your loves for me"

If that's the song you're referring to, I'd bet a dollar that it's "Dice" by Finley Quaye featuring Beth Orton. I think the chorus comes from an old Beth Orton song called "Roll the Dice," but this version can be found on the album 'Much More Than Much Love.'

Don't know if the album is out domestically, though.

You know when they are at ryans old neighborhood and they open the door and a blackish haired girl comes out What song is that?
Does anyone know what the song was in Wednesday's episode of The OC? The scene was when Seth was standing on top of a table and gave Summer an ultimatum. The song was really upbeat and great but can't find the artist or name. If anyone recognized it, please let me know!
I went to the sight and there is no place to hear the music that was used. I guess I will just have to remember how it went in my head.
No, they don't provide audio samples at the OC's website. But they do provide lists of the songs used. You could search for them at Amazon, they have some audio samples available to listen to.
When the gang first enters the LA strip club for the party, there's this song playing in the background while they walk around the club...I couldn't make out the lyrics but the music was a kind of club back beat with hard rock guitars and keyboard. Kinda sounded like a remix of some rock song, but I have no clue what it is...Anyone out there see it and know the song? Help, please...Thanks in advance! :D
Woo hoo! Thanks, Mr. Flipper...You just saved me a lotta headache and trouble because I never would've guessed that cut was Crystal Method... :p
Does anyone know the song that was playing during the engagement party scene? Thanks.
The site doesn't seem to have the list up yet. However, the song is:
[Modest Mouse] - Float On.mp3 ;).
I LOVE THAT SONG!! i thought i was the only person listening to it...modest mouse rocks :D