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Can Anyone tell me what the song is in the episode where Anna leaves (in season 2) I can't remember how it goes but it was kinda slow. It's mainly heard when Seth says goodbye to her at the airport
What is the song they played when Ryan was leaving for the taxi and Seth was trying not to run after him? They played it again at the very end of the episode. I can't remember the details...just that I liked it, and I finally remembered to post asking about it.
I think it is "All the arms around you" by "Halloween, Alaska"
at the end of the episode it said the show featured this band. it was something swans i think? if you could help me out it would be greatly appreciated :)
Are you looking for the band or the song?
If you are looking for the song, can you remember any lyrics, vocals, genre, tempo?
oh! its sufjan stevens! i remember there was a weird s-word. and a swan on the cover :p thank you!!
anyone know the song that the band was playing when they were at that club on the december 2nd episode..i believe the band was callled the killers butidk if they are a real band or what
yea it was the Killers...they have a cd out called Hot Fuss i hear its pretty good...i think i might check it out now too.
The songs The Killers performed on the episode are :

Mr. Brightside
Smile Like You Mean It
Everything Will Be Alright

All available on the album Shari mentioned above, named "Hot Fuss." Singles and album also all available for download from .
The O.C. Dec 2nd season 2

Does anybody know the name of the song which was playing when the guys first stepped into the club and were looking down at Lindsey, it was a fast club song, a female was singing, I didn't really catch any of the lyrics.

1. What song started playing when Seth left the club after he quit his job? I think it was played again at the very end of the episode when Seth was back in the club with Alex. Some of the lyrics I could make out then:

"Why'd you have to be so cute?
It's impossible to ignore you
Plus(?) you make me laugh so much..."

It sounds a little bit like Frou Frou, but I looked at all of their lyrics that I could find online and didn't find any matches. Likewise Googling for those lines above returned nothing.

2. What song was playing when Seth, Summer, Ryan and Marissa entered the dance? It was the one immediately before Gwen Stefani's "Cool" was played.

If these shows are going to pimp music, they should at least list all the song titles and artists in the closing credits. I hate pulling my hair out trying to find some uncredited song!
Never mind. I just noticed the other O.C.-related post and the link to the site that lists all the music.

(Rant about uncredited songs cheerfully withdrawn)
just wondering if anyone could help me i saw a post asking the same song, and a link was found on another post but nothing helped.

Its the song when alex and seth are in the bait shop and alex is using first aid on seth and then slaps him

it does have the words

"why you have to be so cute"

hope this helps, and thanx for the link to the other oc songs, but i really wanna know this song

im bad im bad, the song was actually on the link from the dec 2 episode posting. It just played twice or somin during the sno c episode

well the song is called "goodnight and go" by imogen heap

man shoot me in the head and knock me teeth out stupid i was

the oc season 2

i know the music from the episode is listed on the oc website, but i want to know what songs were playing during two specific scenes
1- when seth and summer are slow dancing at the dance
2- when zach is at the bar drinking yohoo

i didn't write down any of the lyrics just the scenes so i could look for them later

thanks in advance!
what is the song thats playing after lindsey tells ryan that they cant see each other anymore? its like "words are falling from your lips like crystals" or something