The Critical Hour


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Yesterday, while watching the Trauma Force (AKA The Critical Hour) episode "Attack by City Violence," sometime within the first 15 minutes I heard this "Bang Bang Bang" rock song. I'd heard this song before on The Showbiz Show with David Spade in the sketch "Demo Jail" (clip can be found at the bottom here, song starts 47 seconds in). Does anybody know what it is?

-Is rock, more toward the metal(?) side. Not pop-y at all, and definitely isn't electronic-y/country/R&B.
-There are three "bangs." It's not "bang bang," it's not "bang bang bang bang bang," it's not "bang bang, bang bang."
-There appear to be no other lyrics in the chorus beyond "Bang bang bang!" I think I briefly hear something else around 1:38 in the clip, but I can't tell what.
-Mainly male vocals, though a female also joins in.
-I know Spade says "It sounds like that song 'Bang Bang Bang'" in the clip, but that didn't help.
-The title wasn't listed in the credits for Trauma Force (which I recorded and looked back through). I looked up the music names I did see (Pump Audio, Glenn Workman, Freq Sound Music Laboratory, Marcus Taylor) + "bang bang bang" and found nothing.
-Is not Rammstein's "Feuer frei!"