What is this song? (contains a clip, probably NWS)


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(For those who don't know, NWS=Not Work-Safe)

I figured that this post belongs here rather than in the TV Commercial Music forum because 1. I couldn't remember anything about the commercials it played on and 2. the only clip I know of that contains it is an online exclusive thing.

I've heard tiny bits of this song on at least three different occasions:

1. a commercial about which I've completely forgotten everything else (such as when I saw it, what it was about, and what it played during/after, though basketball keeps coming to mind);

2. a commercial, for some show, that played a several weeks ago during the end credits to something that came on before Queer as Folk on the LOGO channel; and

3. at the beginning of this, an exclusively online Showbiz Show behind-the-scenes clip (which I do not recommend you watch in full at work or school, if for some reason you were thinking of watching it there).

I don't recall ever hearing any vocals, but then again, I've only heard little bits of the song, so it may have some outside the parts that people like to use. I wouldn't know....

Since this site won't let me put up a sound only, work-/school-safe, 27-second-long audio clip (<_<), just click the link to the behind-the-scenes clip and only listen from the very beginning until the point where Spade says, "You get to see 'em, only you and... the only other few people that have the internet," or until you hear odd, gravelly laughter, which occurs right after that quote. (Even then, I don't think any ambient school/work people would "appreciate" some of the images or conversations that show up. Nothing too "bad," but just saying.)