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i tried to go in the search forum but it keeps saying there is an error. .but after every episode's opening credits and before the first commercial they show one sponsor of the oc and play the same music in the background. .it's hard to explain but hopefully you guys know what i'm talking about. .but does anyone know that music they play? thanks in advance

for example. .tonight's episode the sponsor they were talking about was Eclipse gum while playing the music
I'm not sure if this has been asked or answered before. But, when you search, be sure to change the search date from "90 days" to "any date" to get more (older) results.
well i did the search thing again and it worked. .and it doesn't look like anyone has asked this before . .but hopefully someone knows the answer . .
oh yeahh. i know what you're talking about. but i do not know what it is called unfortunately. i heard it on one of the oc specials (o.c: obsessed completely) for the ending credits i think.
Never mind. I just realized what song you guys are talking about.
Madison, i think i know EXACTLY what you're talking about, and i've been wondering what it's called too.. if it's the music that i think it is, then it's the music that they play at the very end of the show during the credits on the FIRST SEASON DVD.. they play it at the end of EVERY episode.. sucks, there's no way to find out what it is because there's no words.. rats. hopefully someone will help us!