family guy

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    Family Guy Season 9

    Does anyone know what song this is? The music starts at 4:48 of the scene. Thanks
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    Family Guy Season 8

    Hey all, what song is at 19:26 in Ep.3 spies reminiscent of us of season 8?
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    Family Guy Season 7

    This is during the part when Stewie and Brian re-create the Office Space scene with the copier when they take the record Peter kept playing and throw it on the ground and bash it with bats, I do believe its the same song as Office Space's copier scene also, its a rap song.. anybody know which one?
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    Family Guy Star Wars

    By now, most Family Guy viewers have probably already seen the "Blue Harvest" episode, which is an adaptation of Star Wars IV: A New Hope. However, lately I've been hearing rumors that they will be doing one Star Wars movie every season - that is, next year they would do The Empire Strikes Back...
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    Family Guy Season 6

    The jazzy song when peter/han solo and Chris/Luke had just changed into Storm trooper uniforms and Peter/Han solo says everyone act real cool or something like that. Then they sneak on their toes across the room while this jazzy song is playing. I know it from somewhere but I'm blanking on the...
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    Family Guy Season 5

    Whats that disco like song playing while Peter and his friends are rollerblading and doing all those moves?
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    Family Guy Stewie Griffin The Untold Story

    Does anyone know the name of the song and who's it by that is played when Stewie steals quagmire's Winnegbago/RV. And puts on a John Deere hat, it sounds familar it is about trucking and it sounds country!
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    Family Guy

    ... um, okay. This song has been featured in MANY commercials. It was in a promo for CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, I believe it was in a car commercial, and most recently it was in Fox's Sunday Night promo for Family Guy. It's a very brief tune, and it sounds kind of like spy music. If anyone has...
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    Family Guy Season 4

    In the new Family Guy epidoe on May 2nd, while they were driving through the mall, there was a band song tha was in a sort of an upbeat tune. i have heard this before, if anyone knows what i am talking about, please tell me what the song is!
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    Family Guy Season 2

    family guy season 2 anyone know the song that was the episode where brian the dog finds out he was in love with the mom? it was the part where he was explaining some dream in space bubble thing. the song went like this "....i'm all out of love and i'm lost without you.." thanks in advance
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    Family Guy Season 3

    Hey a question for currently looking for a song that was played in the background on an episode of Family's the episode where Lois and Meg went to spring break and they both get up on stage and start the background theres a song playing....a rock...