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In the new Family Guy epidoe on May 2nd, while they were driving through the mall, there was a band song tha was in a sort of an upbeat tune. i have heard this before, if anyone knows what i am talking about, please tell me what the song is!
I don't watch the show, but I was told it's the same music used in the Blues Brothers movie mall chase scene, that Family Guy was spoofing.

Will look for an exact track name..
The song is called "I Can't Turn You Loose" by the Blues Brothers, originally by Otis Redding.
the part where chris gets pulled into the frig while he goes to get some milk

it sounds like some 80's song, i have no clue what it is!

so i was wondering if anyone here saw it and knos what song it is =/

thank you
Yeah that was great. It looked just like the video for that song, except they replaced the girl with Chris.
It's lame people are so young or out of touch they don't even know/remember the A-Ha "Take On Me" video. You might as well not even watch "Family Guy." Dozens of '80s pop culture references.
Does anybody know what the song used was when Peter and the guys fixed up the Drunken Clam bar and Peter said something about it going faster in an 80's montage and a song played as they worked on fixing up the bar only to end up making it look worse? I'd imagine it probably -was- an 80's tune as it sounded from that era.

Thanks in advance!
It was that Bone Symphony "One Foot In Front Of The Other" from the Nerds soundtrack, thank you! Heh, what a retro tune. I miss fun music like that that was so prolific in the 80's.
Family Guy season 4

It sounded like some old 70's rock/acid rock tune, when the monkey in Chris' closet came out and the family left as the monkey turned on an old record player and started rolling a joint, it SOUNDED like "all right, take it easy" or something similiar but the only lyrics I found was for "American Girl" and it wasn't that.. anybody heard the song and know for sure lyrics/title? thanks!
That was a good episode but then again I like every single Family Guy episode so... :lol:
Yeah, that was a great episode. The song sounded familar but I couldn't quite think of the title.
Family Guy season 4

whats the song named when Brian turns to the black lady during the PTA meeting and a song segment comes up going, "Shanna, Shanna" sort of with a older style of signing, like a trio of people.