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does anyone know the name of the song and who's it by that was used in the peterotica episode of family guy. Where Peter and his wife's dad go to see a movie and they are making fun of Rene Zellwegger. And they show her as an anteater eating ants at a picnic.
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Is it Del Amitri - roll to me?
Yes it is because I just saw this episode tonight and also made a thread about it tonight, but in a different section. I looked up Del Amitri - Roll to Me and it seemed to be the right song. Thanks!
you know.. I was actually going to make a post for that song right after I heard it on the episode last night.. I even wrote it out on a piece of paper, because I was too lazy to do it that night! thanks

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The episode last sunday, were Peter adn his family are trapped in thier panic room, in one of his ancestor flashbacks he is one a boat, and he forms a mutiny, he says he will get back at the captain, and the cut the captain, on his bed and all, out and throw him into the water so that he is on his bead floating on a plank of wood. When they do this, there is a song playing that goes like "Everbodys working for the summer" or something, and it sounds like a bunch of children are siging the song, can someone please tell me this song?

what is the name of the song and who is it by that is used in the Family Guy Rocky training clip?
At the end of that episode, there is a song that has the same lyrics, maybe categorized in the rock or oldies genre.
It was actually performed by The Pointer Sisters. You can listen to a sample of the song here too; track number 22.
Family guy season 4

Hey guys.. im lookin for the song during which Brian is training on the mountain

with Stewie before his final exam at Brown in the episode where he has been

rejected from the New Yorker newspaper and he tries to get his degree back...It

sounds really 80s like(synthesisers\rock and all) and i wish i could recognize it!

Thanks a mil guys !!!! :D
on the episode when lois tryes to become a model ("Model Misbehavior") when they leave their house chris references the evil monkey that lives in his house, when after the family leaves the monkey puts on headphones and starts token a doobie, whats that song thats playing during this scene its lyrics are "Its alright! Take it ezay!"
Okay i watched this one edisode of family guy where lois asks chris to get milk BUT from the back ...Chris gets pulled in and a WHOLE song/dance sequances begins. WHAT
S THE SONG FOR THAT? Also What is the song for stewies IPOD commerical?
does anybody know this song?
i just remember that its something like Its .... fights......survive/survival
jeez, this thread is old..

In one of the episodes, Lois goes to the Whitehouse to kill Stewie.
When Peter saves Lois and shoots Stewie, there is a song playing, right before the Simulation ends.
This one might be hard to find, can anyone figure it out?