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By now, most Family Guy viewers have probably already seen the "Blue Harvest" episode, which is an adaptation of Star Wars IV: A New Hope. However, lately I've been hearing rumors that they will be doing one Star Wars movie every season - that is, next year they would do The Empire Strikes Back, and then Return of the Jedi the following year.

Although I thought the first one was pretty funny, I'm not sure I like the idea of more Star Wars episodes being converted into Family Guy episodes. But what I'm really wondering is, what "casting" do they have in mind for the future movies (if they are, in fact, retelling them)?

It seems to me that Ollie is pretty much the only choice for Lando Calrissian, since they have already made a reference to the fact that Lando is African-American, and Cleveland already plays R2-D2.

Maybe it's just me, but I would like to see Shamus as Yoda, and the Big Giant Fighting Chicken as Jabba the Hutt.

But I'm stumped on who should play the Emperor. His character is too important for them to gloss over him or remove him from the storyline, but I just can't think of any character who would be a good match. Francis Griffin or Mr. Weed might have been good, if they were still "alive." I guess they could just pick someone (maybe Tom Tucker), but it wouldn't be very funny if it weren't a good match.

So what casting suggestions do the rest of you have?

P.S. Yes, I know this show is incredibly offensive, but my mind has become corrupted and addicted anyway.
Was the mayor anything in Blue Harvest? Cause he should be the emporer. That would be funny to me.
That was my first thought too but he was Grand Moff Tarkin.
Boba Fett should be played by the evil chicken who always fights Peter
Yeah.......he caught his monkey wife having hot monkey sex with another monkey. He's actually just very bitter. :p
I was talking about the chicken but that's true too. :p
Oh........Chicken isn't evil. Hell the chicken is me!!!!!!!! In that I'd have to kick Peters ass on sight if I ever ran into him. :lol: He's an ass. :p
I like the idea of including the (Somewhat) Evil Pointing Monkey - I should've thought of that. It might be hard for a non-speaking character to play the Emperor though, and his finger-wagging would spray his Sith lightning all over the place. :)

I probably should've taken Boba Fett into consideration too.

And yes, Mayor West was already Moff Tarkin.

Maybe Rupert could be the Emperor, just because it's hard to imagine Stewie respecting anyone else. Then the monkey could be Boba Fett (who already had only four lines in episodes 4-6 combined).
I can see them using someone like George W. as the emporer. They like making fun of political figures. has posted some info about "Something, Something, Something, Dark Side."

Apparently, I was right about Ollie Williams as Lando. :) The chicken will be Boba Fett. Still no word on the Emperor. It might be funny if it were George W. Bush, but I think this is pretty unlikely since he is not a Family Guy character.

(*Well okay, there was one episode where he kinda sorta was.)