Anybody studing law???


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Alright, back in July my employer sent out a letter to "some" of their departments advising themt that they were cancelling our short-term disability and if we wanted it we had to sign and fax this paper to an insurance company stating that we would pay x amount for it and it would automatically be deducted from our paycheck. We had until July31 to do this. I did this on like the 16th and then again on 18th I believe.

With this being said my employer does not have maternity leave. They make us take short-term disability or FMLA with no pay. So I of course chose the short-term disability.

Now, my doctor has told me to go on short-term disability. My employers said okay and told me to call the short-term disabilty to file a claim and it would take 2 weeks to process. So I've called like 20 different numbers today (all with this insurance company) and I was first told that my policy was cancelled on July 31 and that I no longer have a policy. Then I was told by them that they don't do "just" a short-term disability policy that it has to be with a group such as my employer but they show that my employer dropped out in July. My employer says they have nothing to do with it and I have to deal with the insurance company and the insurance company says that since my employer is automatically deducting the money from my paycheck that I have to deal with them.

So I really have to legal questions:
1. People are telling me that since I was well into my pregnancy already when they decided to drop the short-term disability that they have to cover me until I'm back from maternity leave. Could this be true?

2. Who is liable? My employer or the insurance company?

Any ideas? I don't really know what to do at this point because we counted on this financially. :(
tough one. you need to get more info from your employer. since they were the ones deducting the amount, find out details of where they were paying that money.
Yeah, I'm going to talk to them again tomorrow but I was getting the run-around cause they say that they are paying this insurance company and they have no part in it and I have to deal with them.
aww, thanks. I'm sure it will work out we just have to figure out what we need to do. I just knew that I was going to have a stressful time going on maternity leave though cause I work for an evil company. :p