Higher Ground


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There was a show on the Fox Family Channel (before it was ABC Family) called Higher Ground. It starred Hayden Christensen and Joe Lando. I was wondering if anyone knows what the theme song is called ? There are no words, just music and they play it again at the end of the show but it shounds like it's like a flute instead of electric sounding music that plays in the begining... Any help would be great... Thanks
IMDB.com lists the following names for original music:

Original Music by
Daryl Bennett   (as Ferocious Fish)
Jim Guttridge   (as Ferocious Fish)

That may help in the search.
At the end of the shows credit's, it lists music by Ferocious Fish, however I have not been able to find this band, any suggestions ?
Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew of a website who had a music guide for the short lived tv series Higher Ground...
I remember that there were some killer songs, but I can't seem to find a website anywhere...