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So this has been bugging me forever. Has anyone seen the most recent Merrill Lynch commercial? What's the song? Here's some info on the commericial:

-It's just a blue back drop, no acting or anything, with white text. It asks a series of questions pertaining to (Merrill Lynch) financial advisement. It finishes with M.L logo popping up and "Power of the Right Advisor" motto.
-The song has no vocals in it, so it's just instrumental.

The best way to describe the commercial is that it's just a blue blackground with white text. I've seen it air from late 2011 (November) - 2012 (I just saw it now). I've looked around the internet and can't find a video of the commercial anywhere.

I don't have cable, so I see it on the big 4. (NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox Local). If I see it again I'll pay close attention to it.

Thanks if you can help me out.
^ No, not that one. I used the search function quite thoroughly. There was no thread on the one I'm referring to.
Alright. So I managed to catch the commercial and record 95% of it's audio. Here's the music:

Anyone hear it before? It might be a proprietary piece.