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    CSI Miami Season 6

    anyone know the name of the song that was playing while the kid was running from the coast gaurd in the boat?
  2. L

    CSI Season 8

    Can anyone tell me the song that is being played in CSI's season premiere ad ( where they are trying to find Sara)? Thanks so much.
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    CSI Miami on Living TV advert

    This has been driving me mad!!!! Does anyone know the tune of the CSI miami advert which is playing on Living TV? It's a fairly recent one. The song sound a bit like a country song, and it mentions 'nuclear classes' in the song, in the begining of the ad.. I have been trying to find this...
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    CSI Season 7

    Just saw an ad (10/24) for CSI during Criminal Minds in which it talked about how you can now watch original CSI episiodes...A male singer... Any Help?
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    CSI NY Season 3

    i just got around to watching the 9/27 episode and was wondering if anyone knew what song was playing when they were first performing the autopsy on the mummified corpse? the lyrics were too muffled for me to get
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    CSI Season 7

    in the episode "built to kill, part 2" theres some piano music that plays while catherine tests some cotton looking stuff.. really quite lovely.. is it an original tidbit for the show or what? id love to listen to more of it! thank you..
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    CSI Miami Season 5

    anyone got any idea what music was used on this episode mainly the bit at the start, before the credits?
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    CSI Season 6

    CSI Season 6 Obie Trice Anyone know the song that plays at the very beginning of this weeks cis episode commercial featuring Obie Trice, Method man etc. The song begins with the lyrics: "yeah everybody common" with a guitar playing in the background. Thanks
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    CSI NY Season 2

    I was wondering what the music is during when Mac, and the other guy are splashing the dummies with the fake lye, what music is that? Thanks in advance.
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    CSI Season 6

    Anyone know the name of the artist who was playing at the begining of the show. It was the CSI show called room service.
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    CSI Season 2

    Any one know the song he plays on the piano in this episode?
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    CSI Miami Season 4

    OK Just watched the season premiere of CSI:Miami, good show. Anyway, does anyone know the song that was played in the end? Woman singing, very mellow, accoustic guitar.....says in it..."waiting for better angels".
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    CSI Season 5

    Does anyone know what the name of this opera like song playing in this commercial is? If it helps I seem to remember it also being played in a Simpsons' episode a few years back where they spoofed the movie Amadeus. (it was the one where Marge told the kids three seperate middle ages stories...
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    CSI Miami

    Does anyone know what music is playing in the recent CSI: Miami commercial for an upcoming episode where there appears to be a gang war in the emergency room? The commercial has some choral music in it that sounds very familiar but I can't put my finger on it. Thanks for any help!
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    CSI Season 1

    CSI Season 1 "Friends & Lovers" Looking for the song during the CSI episode "Friends & Lovers" that aired on SpikeTV tonight @ 7 (cst). The song was at the end when Grissom was riding the roller coaster and had a lot of guitar in it- kinda reminds me of The Cure.
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    CSI on Spike TV

    Does anyone know that song on one of the CSI commercials? I don't remember the commercial anymore. The song's kinda funky and has like a trumpet playing in a certain rapid/repeating way. I believe it has drums in it too, some kind of good beat, can't really hear 'cause the announcer guy keeps...
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    CSI Season 5

    The song was being played in the first scene, it reminded me of Rob Zombie in a techno version..the only words I heard were Slick Fire...? Thank you!
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    CSI NY Season 1

    For the two previous CSI's they've used songs by The Who as themes, I'm guessing they'll continue here but I'm trying to figure out which song they'll use. The commercials use that Teenage Wasteland song, but I'm not sure that fits with the show as a theme. Any guesses?
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    CSI New York

    Ok, I just saw the new CSI: New York ad featuring Gary Sinise. In the backround there is a song playing with gorgeous female vocals. I can't tell if she's actually saying something or not, so good luck!
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    CSI Season 3

    I'm looking for two songs that were played on CSI and CSI: Miami respectively. The episode information and approximation of when the song was played are followed: CSI Episode 322: Inside the Box It's the one where the team investigates a bank robbery; more specificly, a locker in the bank. The...