CSI Season 5


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Does anyone know what the name of this opera like song playing in this commercial is? If it helps I seem to remember it also being played in a Simpsons' episode a few years back where they spoofed the movie Amadeus. (it was the one where Marge told the kids three seperate middle ages stories, and this was the third) I think this part was playing when Mozart dies. Either way its also in this commercial which I saw during the Colts football game earlier. Anybody got a clue?

Hmmm nice... people around here are pretty damn good ha. Thanks.
Does anyone know what song is in the Promo for CSI's season finale Grave Danger. It's the "fourth promo" for Grave Danger. Right after the man says "How much does Nick Stokes mean to you?"

It sounds like the singer is saying "All alone..."

Any help would be apprecitated.

Hey, I want to know what song it is too. I've been watching the promo and I think she sings "All alone, all a little low" but all I can find is a Natalie Merchant song which is clearly not correct.
I am really curious about this myself. I've checked on numerous CSI forums but no one seems to know. Anyone have any ideas?
I listened to the downloaded promos and to me it sounds very much like Enya or possibly Clannad. It has a very ethereal Celtic sound. What you can hear of it anyway.
I've been curious about this song for years now. It's been used in ER commericials on NBC as well. It almost sounds like a Lulibye it's very soft and low. Would be great to know the song. An added note, this song is the reason I joined this message board so I hope the mystery is solved soon. I'm tired of doing searches LOL.