CSI Season 2

CSI Season 2 "Scuba Doobie-Doo"

Anyone know any of the songs from the CSI episode called Scuba Doobie Doo? It's a second season espisode.. number 250, I believe.

CSI Season 2 "Chaos Theory"

tonite they played (well actually rite now) a csi episode on Spike. at 8pm. i want to know the name of teh song they were playing when one of the detectives discovered teh spot of blood on the bed in teh dark room. that would be great. if anyone coudl help out. thanks.
if you're talking about the episode "Chaos Theory" where the college girl is missing and actually smashed by a speeding car between a brick wall and dumpster, then the song is "Glorybox" by Portishead.
CSI Season 2 "And Then There Were None"

Does anybody know the song at the end of the episode "and then there were none"? season 1

It was the episode with Tammy Felton who had 2 personalities...supposedly. At the end, she was at the bus stop and the song played, then her accomplice picks her up in a black vehicle...
Just FYI:

"And then there were none" aired 11/22/01 which is Season 2 (had to look it myself cuz I couldn't find in under Season 1).

The only song listed that I could find is "We Luv You" by Grand Theft Auto...don't have a link for you sorry... :blink:
Season 2 "The Hunger Artist"

I was wondering if anyone knew the instrumental music at the end of this episode thank in advance!
These songs are listed for the episode The Hunger Artist which originally aired 05/16/02

Baba O'Riley : The Who
Gorecki : Lamb
Hallo Spaceboy : David Bowie
Hayling : FC Kahuna
In Trance As Mission : Simple Minds
Me and Jesus : stellar kart
smiling faces : stellar kart
teenage wastland : The Who
Unbound : Robbie Robertson
Wild Horses : Natasha Bedingfield
Won't Get Fooled Again : The Who