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CSI Season 1 "Friends & Lovers"

Looking for the song during the CSI episode "Friends & Lovers" that aired on SpikeTV tonight @ 7 (cst). The song was at the end when Grissom was riding the roller coaster and had a lot of guitar in it- kinda reminds me of The Cure.
You need to be more specific -- which episode, when, etc...
I just saw a repeat of a CSI episode from season 1, it was episode 2...'Cool Change'. I'm trying to find the title of the last song played during a scene at the end of the episode where Gary Dourdan's character is standing in the middle of a casino. I'd appreciate any help!!
I have searched everywhere, even called the production office. No one was there to take my question. I will watch it again tonight and see if I can't come up with it.
Thanks for all your help...but it turns out it's not the 'cool change' episode that I though I saw...it was 'Table Stakes' episode 15.

It was 'Charlie Big Potatoe' by Skunk Anangie

Sorry I gave the wrong info...Thanks again for working on this for me!!
Anybody know any cool songs from CSI? I'm a big fan, and have the soundtrack to season one... But can't really find any other cool songs from later seasons... So if you can think of any let me know! :D
Does anyone know the name of the song at the very end of this episode? It's playing when Warrick is standing in the middle of the casino and remembering the things people have said to him about his gambling. Female vocalization...can't make out any specific words. The episode was just played tonight on Spike.

Thanks for any info...
sher :)
CSI Season 1 "Fahrenheit 932"

hey everyone!!

There is a episode where Grissism is on a case where this guy is charged for his wifes and sons death but that night they were having a fight because the guy was leaving her for another women and she threw this wrisk at him or something and that is now the house caught on fire but at the end of the episode where grissim was going to go pick this guy up there is a instrumental song that i love and i was wondering if anyone could tell me what it was.. umm the guy also says he thought that once he got out of jail and he would will free but grissim says like you feel resposible and there is the song or whatever
so if anyone knows the instrumental song let me know =]

thanks in advance!
CSI Season 1 "Fahrenheit 932"

hey everyone!!

I was wondering about this episode called "Fahrenheit 932" where a man is put on death row for burning his house down with his son and wife inside. and I was wondering there is a instrumental music part at the end of the episode where the man and grissim are talking and this other woman is waiting for him and he walks off and there is a beautiful piano instrumental part and i was wondering if anyone can tell me what it was thanks yoU!
Actual CSI theme songs

I'm looking for the actual CSI theme songs you hear on tv. I belive they are different from the original songs performed by The Who. Or am I mistaking? If not, does anyone have any information on this, maybe where I can find them?