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There was a CSI episode that aired on Thursday December 19 on Spike (I believe) which had many awesome tracks, some of which I recognized. There was a track by Lamb, a track that could have been by Cinematic Orchestra, and then two others I didn't recognize. There were two seperate subplots: a man beaten with a hammer on a construction site, and a women shot in the suburbs, while her husband and ex-husband fought in front of her. Brian Austin Green had a brief role.

If anybody knows what the other tracks are, or just who did them, please reply!
What was the song playing in the club the first time they dropped by. I know it but can't think of who it is and it's driving me crazy :blink:
I'm assuming this is in reference to the most recent episode of CSI that aired on Feb. 19? We have that one queued up in TIVO to watch... so when we do, I'll get back to you on the song.
Yes, sorry. Most recent CSI. It was a techno/dance track. I still can't recall who it is.
Well, we watched the episode and didn't recognize the music. Hard to do a search since I couldn't make out any lyrics either (not even sure there were any)... :(

Just have to keep an eye out on some of the CSI fan sites that have music guides for each episode... I haven't found an up-to-date one with this episode yet. FYI: Episode title is "Early Rollout."
Yeah, that's a great site for info on CSI and CSI: Miami music. It just wasn't updated yesterday. But, there you go... The song from the CSI "Early Rollout" episode is "Born Too Slow" by Crystal Method. You can find it on their latest release "Legion of Bloom."
I was just listening to that CD in the car and when it hit track 2 I smacked myself on the forehead. Man, that was driving me crazy!
Originally posted by DeGrey@Feb 23 2004, 12:46 PM
I was just listening to that CD in the car and when it hit track 2 I smacked myself on the forehead. Man, that was driving me crazy!
That happens to me a lot too... (Time to admit you have too many CDs when you can't remember which ones you have!) :p
CSI Season 4 "Bad to the Bone"

What was the song when the grave of the woman was being dug up on CSI 4/1/04
Haven't watched the episode yet, but will get back if I know the song...

For others, the episode is called "Bad To The Bone."
Sorry, I've got absolutely no clue on this one. You're talking about the "native" sounding song, right? The lyrics are words I can't even recognize, so lyric searches are going to be difficult. None of the fan sites have info up for the episode yet... maybe they will in a week or so. :unsure:
If anyone saw this episode, please help! I'm looking for the song that was played while that guy was doing the retina eye identification on his computer.

The lyrics go something like: "Hey, all you people,all you people, set my baby free"

If anyone knows, please posT!
OK nevermind, found it, good song.

Golden Greats
Ian Brown
"Set My Baby Free"
So I'm watching CSI right now, and there's a really cool song. It's pretty much techno i guess, with a man's voice repeating something that i can't understand...

It's the very beginning of the show, when all the cops are running some kind of relay at night, and the cop cars are following them all.
Crystal Method - Starting Over
from the Legion of Boom CD
Great CD! You should get it!
Dah... actually... I don't think that's it...

the song from the show had a guitar riff that was more, up front, i guess? and i think but i'm not sure, that there was a part with just clapping, and maybe a beat, and the guy was talking.. bahh i dont remember... but i don't think this is it.