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Does anyone know what song is played during the commercial that cbs.com shows for the epsiode on the 25th of december. There isn't really an epsiode on the 25th but they have a commercial for that date.
It's a good trailer for CSI in general. In the end it says "Assume Nothing" but it is not the trailer for the "Assume Nothing" episode (4x01).

Please, does anyone know it???
Darn, I really like that tune. I'd be extremely interested in finding out the name too. It sounds vaguely familiar but I can't really place it.
Does it have any lyrics? (Still am unable to hear it...)
Originally posted by michelle@Mar 5 2004, 07:27 PM
Does it have any lyrics? (Still am unable to hear it...)
It has kind of an Indian like chanting in the background by a female voice, but no English lyrics. It's kind of hard to hear the music in the background over the CSI cast voices. It's a REALLY cool song.
Finally got to hear it -- no clue what the song is, though. Sorry... :(
Same here. Sometimes I actually have to hear it to know. ;)
mmk u guys have to find out what the song is it is really interesting, kinda rocky guitar riff

and nice find on the dl

ADDed; I also checked out most of the songs from the csi soundtrack with no luck