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There are films that have been successful because they are based on true stories. Movies like Titanic, The Queen ,Flags of Our Fathers, Invincible, The Last King of Scotland and films along these lines.

Here are Ninja's stories that would make a good film:

Letters from General Ho Chi Minh: The Vietnam War told through the eyes and words of the Vietnamese. How the Viet Cong fought the war and made Guerilla warfare a powerful tactic. The feelings of North Vietnamese fighting their brothers in the South. Discusses about the Tet Offensive and the eventual departure of the American forces. This film would also include local villager accounts. Basically, another Clint Eastwood movie like Letters from Iwo Jima. Not the typical Platoon / The Deer Hunter or other 80's Vietnam War movies.

Bloody Bill Anderson: The story of the Kansas/Missouri gang led by William (Bloody Bill) Anderson during the Civil War. This "Confederate" group killed every Union loyalist, soldier and sympathizer they came across. Jesse James once rode with them during their murderous raids but found them to evil and savage to stay and ride with them. The Confederate Army never officially recognized them. The most dramatic part of the movie will be the executions of the 200 Union soldiers on a train by "Bloody Bill" and his gang in Missouri. :eek: "Bloody Bill" will be played by Daniel Day Lewis. If told truthfully and with little fanfair, this would be a very good film that would focus on this gang and their actions only and not other Civil War stories or groups. Not like the typical Civil War movie such as Gods and Generals or outlaw movies about Western criminals like Billy the Kid.

The Tenerife Air disaster: The worst Airline disaster in the history of aviation happened on March 27, 1977. The two Boeing 747s belonged to Pan Am Flight 1736 and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Flight 4805. Both airliners collided on the runway at the northern part of the Tenerife airport in the Canary Islands, Spain after being diverted there from their original destination airport due to a terrorist bomb threat. This aviation miscalculation and accident killed 583 people. One survivor got off the plane to look for her friend just before it started to taxie down the runway. If told and filmed properly, this could be a very dramatic and tear-jerking film. :( :cry:

Unauthorized Pete Rose Documentary: Basically a film about Pete Rose and his MLB Baseball career. How he bet on Baseball and so on. It would end with Pete Rose finally being allowed to enter the MLB Hall of Fame.

The True Story of Murder Inc.: This film would be the true story about the early 20th century (early 1900s) American Gangland "hit" group/squad known as Murder Inc.. Al Capone had Alcohol and brothels as his rackets, Lucky Luciano had garments and sanitation as his illegal rackets but Louis "Lepke" Buchalter had murder as his racket. He formed a group of killers that would travel across The United States and murder anyone they were paid to murder without questions or reasons. This Murder Inc. was responsible for about 700 murders. Murder Inc. also produced the only Major Mob Boss and Gangster (Louis "Lepke" Buchalter) to ever go to the electric chair and be executed in America. Dustin Hoffman will play Louis "Lepke" Buchalter. Makes for a dramatic and riveting film.

Just a thought.

on the murder, inc. one, would it be a remake of the original movie or a new take on the subject?
It would be a newer version that is completely accurate and true with none of Hollywood's jibberjabber or glamorous romantic displays. So yes, I guess it would be a new take on the subject. But in order for it to be a good note-worthy film, it must stay exactly like true events and not add in any of that "Hollywood magic".
I think it should not be like Kingdom of Heaven or Titanic where Hollywood took a true story and added in some glorious mess and plot that made the serious and important event appear more romantic and less important. It should be filmed exactly as documents, history and evidence show it.

They make films like that all the time. But usually not in Hollywod. They're called documentaries and they rarely turn a profit.
Yes, This I know. Your point is extremely valid and solidified.
But I will like to see actual films with Hollywood Actors that can be seen by the masses. Like a big movie that is well advertised with posters and film festival debuts and big name actors. Documentaries are often sent to DVD and PBS and not many people view them. It may be a "long shot" but it is just my thoughts.

I would think the Pete Rose movie should be easy to do as well as the Vietnam War/ Ho Chi Minh movie.


A real horror movie about the "Headless Horseman" character. Not some Johnny Depp movie that was not really scary. I mean, like have The Headless Horseman do more murdering and decapitating and things of this nature. Add in some scary and creepy music to add to the feeling. It should not be some sort of kiddie scary movie like Chainsaw massacre. The Headless Horseman is possibly one of the scariest characters in cinema. What could be more frightening than a headless rider, dressed in all black leather and riding a black horse with a long sabre used to cut off heads. In addition, he screeches and makes scary noises. Maybe a few years away from being made in Hollywood.
I'd like to see a movie that runs two takes alongside each other:

From the same starting point....

One take on how the story develops when the main character responds to the negative impulses (greed, thirst for power etc) in and around him or her.

The second take when the person acts according to positive impulses.
Do you mean an actual split screen with two movies playing simultaneously? That seems impossible to follow for long. What do you mean by "a movie that runs two takes alongside each other"... alternative endings?
Darker Nights Official Film Trailer (2011)

this is a great trailer that should be made into an oscar winning film