Movie Cliches that have been used & Abused


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After doing an inventory of DVD collection, I realized that there are movie cliches (IE: standard movie plots and characters) that continuously get used and abused.

And here are a few:

1.) The unsung no-name athlete from nowhere comes in to play and ends up being a "Hero" of some kind after winning the "Big Game" of some kind. (IE: Rudy, Invinceble..and so on)

2.) An athlete of prominance goes through some sort of hardship like an injury or drug problem, only to return in time for the "Big Game" and win it for his team. (IE: The Replacements and others of this kind)

3.) The lowely unknown driver is not respected or liked and then he becomes a "Hero" by winning races and doing some kind of heroic act and gaining the support and respect of his rivals. (IE: Days of Thunder, Driven)

4.) The prominant fighter/boxer is "counted out" in life and looses everything, only to take "that one last fight" and win glory by defeating an opponent who obviously was bigger and better. (IE: Rocky movies, and the like)

5.) The Military leader who never surrenders and fights to the death against a much larger enemy and unbeatable odds. knowing when fighting that he, of course, faces certain death with his soldiers. (IE: Gettysburg, 300...and so on...)

6.) The rebel "hot shot" pilot or Quarterback or soldier or rookie cop all of the sudden becomes grown-up and a man and does some extraordinary task to win the game, deafeat the enemy or catch the worst criminal. (IE: Any given Sunday, Top Gun, The Rookie)

7.) A police officer/detective or military figure seeks revenge after his partner, best friend, mentor, student or traniee is killed/murdered by a gang, criminal or enemy. (IE: Black Rain, "Die Hard movies"...and so on)

8.) The song "Free Bird" being played @ the end of a movie where the Likeable villains are ready to go out in a blaze of glory @ the hands of the police or escape to freedom after some unimaginable caper is successful. (IE: Devils Rejects, Ocean's 11...Gone in 60 seconds)

9.) Some aspiring teacher joins a school in a bad area of the city full of gang violence, bad kids, or kids that are characterized as being stupid. And forces the students to believe in themselves and do good in school....which, of course, leads to the High School becoming less violent and all the kids become smarter or better athletes or some kind of betterment befalls the school because of that one new teacher who made a differance. (IE: Dangerous Minds, Coach Carter, Freedom Writers)

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i think hollywood ran out of original ideas a long time ago.
even when they try to do a movie based on true life events, they always manage to slip in a cliche or two.
i've noticed that a few of the more recent movies (with the exception of sequels) are actually based off of foreign movies.
that's something that is being abused also.
free bird was used at the end of ocean's 11, the one with george clooney?
i don't remember that, i'll have to watch it again.
Yes, I have noticed that a few Asian movies have been the victims of Hollywood.

The Departed was taken from the Original Hong Kong movie Infernal Affairs starring Andy Lau.

Those Grudge movies are based on some Japanese movies that I can not yet pronounce.

Those Asian movies are more fantasy and such, yet when I watch them, they seem to dispense with the cliches and have people die or become heros that would not normally be such.

Some movie, I think called Primevil with that guy from Prison Break was based on a true African story about a huge crocodile eating villagers.....all they must do is just watch PBS.

And some other horror movie about some mass murderer in Austrailia was based on some guy who actually murdered people in Austrailia. Go figure :huh:

The European market is being looked @ as well by Hollywood for plots and such things.

When will this madness end??

No, I think Free Bird was only played @ the end of Devil's Rejects.....but I only saw the end of that movie......and I am sure that song has been used for the same purpose many many times before.

But the crooks get away in Ocean's 11 and Gone In 60 Seconds. And many many other "caper" movies as well, for that matter.

I mean, even John Travolta gets away in Swordfish after he has a conversation with the FBI (Don Chedal) about how movies always have the "bad guy" loose and the "good guys" always win. Classic Hollywood @ its best.

No need to apologize......I took no offense or even thought you were wrong.
You are right about Free Bird not being in Ocean's 11.

I forgot my 10th movie cliche that is always being used and abused.

Here it is:

10.) The cop/private investigator/politician who's been framed for a crime and must prove his innocence. Amazingly, after destroying half of some city, killing dozens of people, and wrecking a bunch of cop cars, all is forgotten when they finally catch the real bad guy. (Bad Boys, The Fugitive, Enemy of the State).

Thank you :ph34r: