Lost series finale


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did you enjoyed "lost" series finale ? that fact it was 2 hours and 30 minutes, only 13 millions watch it, it rank 55 out of 100 of all time tv season finales. m*a*s*h* was the same length of time, still no.1 with 105 millions watch it ! i was disappointed at the end of "lost ", because it look like a lame excuse for a better ending or weird ending that it could have been! i was expecting one of the best series finale i've seen , " lost " was so " offbeat " , it had to be really good! only reason why abc was going gambit a 4 hour event , the money to get for the commercials! abc lost a lot of money that night with 13 millions watch, like that super bowl when nbc accidental switched the game, to played the movie " hedi " ! the finale was fair, it somewhat explanation, but i didn't care, like watching bad version of " the six sense " and " love story " ! this is my opinion, of course ! tell me how you feel about the series finale, if you like it. before i let you go- here how i would have end it!

i would use the final conflict with jack and locke, after the defeat of locke, and i would have jack , kate,and hurley standing on the cliff, looking out to the sea, and a freighter come toward the island, and everybody run down to the beach. all the sudden, the scene fades out ! the new scene appears everybody from the island on oceanic ( whatever the numbers of the plane is ?, like "dallas " dreamscape was ! ) last few moments of the show, a flight attendance was hand out headsphones to everyone on the plane! at moment , the attendance lean over to wake jack, who is sleeping ! she said; " would you like these to watch the movie, we have for you !" and jack ask her ," what movie, do you have playing ? " and she whispers in his ear, and jack said to her; " i really like this series finale ?"and then jack put on his headphones and stare at the screen in front of the plane. the camera take the last look at everybody on the plane,they are laughing and talking, enjoying each other company, and eating popcorn. all the sudden, the lights fade out, and the film protector light come on, the camera take a shot pull away from everybody inside the plane, and the last moment, you see the outside of the plane with familiar sound, the sound is theme of "seinfield ". the end !