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I'm looking for two songs that were played on CSI and CSI: Miami respectively. The episode information and approximation of when the song was played are followed:

Episode 322: Inside the Box
It's the one where the team investigates a bank robbery; more specificly, a locker in the bank. The song is played when one of the CSIs is on site and investigating the locker room while another is in the lab.

CSI: Miami
Episode 122: Tinder Box
It's the one where the team investigates a nightclub fire. The song is played when Calleigh and another CSI are investigating evidence in the lab. One of them he checking out a burnt video tape.

Any help would be highly appreciated.
Damn, that's not the song. :(! But thanks for trying. :).

Sorry I forgot to specify the types of songs they were. The only problem is I don't remember which song was played in which episode. All I can remember is one of them was a techno song, while the other one was very similar to (or had very similar drumming):
King Biscuit Style - I Walk The Earth (sample)

One of them might actually be "I Walk The Earth", but I don't have a copy of the episodes to verify :(.
oh... it might help if the CSI Music site I was getting my info from actually had the right episode names along with the episode numbers... :blink: Hence, why the song info was wrong. I'll do some more searching and see what I can come up with.
I am also looking for the name of a song from "Inside the Box". It was being played while Nick was using a laser light to track the path of the bullet that killed the dectective. Does anyone know the name of that song? Some of the words are ... Here I lie, are questions answered ... fear inside is truth uncovered...
Thanks for any help.
CSI Season 3 "Playing With Fire"

In the eopisode where "Grissom and Nick investigate the murder of a woman strangled in a high-school press box; an explosion rocks the CSI lab.", does anyone know what the song is that is plaing while Catherine and Warrick deal with the post-explosion lab? It sounded vaguely mellow-rock, but I didn't hear it for lon enough to be sure. It was about 40 minuites in.

Thanks all. CSI is rather popular on this segment of the forum, huh?
CSI Season 3 "Random Acts of Violence"

Hey there, I don't know if anyone can help me with this or not...
I'm looking for a song that was in an episode of csi, but I can't for the life of me remember what the episode was.

I think it started with Warrick meeting an old friend, or someone he knew from a long time ago...they are in a fairly poor part of town and the man who Warrick is talking to is cleaning up graffiti off of a building... I think... uh, later in the epi, Warrick and this man are not on the best of terms ( maybe he had evidence on him for doing something??) and is talking to him at night at his doorway. They challenge each other....I think Warrick asked the man to step outside to setle this dispute. Then there is a cut were Warrick's acquaintance is in the hospital, all beat up and such; we believe it was Warrick who pounded him but it was someone else on the team. Anywho at the end Warrick is by himself outside looking around doing his CSI thing...???? Man I can't remember.....and that is when this song began to play.

It was a male vocal, humming....it was very gospel in style and was kind of sad. It might have had piano in it as well, but it would have been very harmonious.
Unfortunately this is all I can give you as it was on quite a while ago.

Any help would be appreciated...even if you could tell me what the name of the episode was would be a help.

Thanks alot
by any chance is this episode called iced? if it is...i'm also looking for this song.
I've done some looking and I think it may be "Random acts of violence" Season Three.

I can't find any info on the music used in that episode though...however the review sounds alot of what I remembered.

I'll keep looking, but let me know if you find anything as well.
CSI Season 3 "Lady Heather's Box"

Any one know what the song at the end of the epiosde is? It's slow, with a rather husky male voice.
CSI Season 3 "Crash & Burn"

the song at the very end. it is kind of slow, and there is a woman singing. it sounds familiar...anybody know what it is?
Anyone know the name of the song at the end of the episode "Lady Heather's Box"? It's at the very end where Catherine's daughter is consoling her as she cries on her bed and Grissom is staring at Lady Heather's place.
CSI Season 3 "High and Low"

Hey everyone!!

i was wondering in CSIi you know the one with Gisum and Catheriane and Sarah and Nick there is this one episode with these people that went paracuting and one of them died and in the episode there is a scene where Catherine is putting together these trees to see which fit together and there is a song while she is doing this and I was wondering what the song was I know this is not much information but if anyone knows please let me know..