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OK Just watched the season premiere of CSI:Miami, good show. Anyway, does anyone know the song that was played in the end? Woman singing, very mellow, accoustic guitar.....says in it..."waiting for better angels".
That's the song. Thank You very much. But, I could've sworn it was a woman. Almost sounded like Macy Grey...without the raspy voice. I was tired....lol ;)

Thanks again. :)
I too was looking for the song at the end of the show and it was a woman singing, so I'm guessing maybe it's a remake of the Blake Morgan song? Does anyone else know who it might be? Thanks :p
It was actually sung by Lesley Gore. It's from her Ever Since album. The album was produced by Blake Morgan.
Anyone know the last song played in the episode on this monday. It said I need your love and was a women's voice and airy, a little technoy sounding too. Thanks!
Hey Yeah I liked that, too, but not much luck searching for it online.

Here's what I got for lyrics though, "...and nothing else matters cause I, I need your love".
And it sounded Electronic or techno.

I do know the episode is called "Blood in the Water" but I don't know the episode #

Group: The Trundra Workshop
Song title : Nothing Else Matters
Album: Bedroom Rocker.

does anyone know the song played at the end of the episode called BLOOD IN THE WATER i caught some lyrics that went
"cause nothin else matters cause I, I need your love..."

It was answered in this forum already ...

The Trundra Workshop - "Nothing Else Matters" - CD: Bedroom Rocker


There you go.
Yeah, anyone having any luck finding this song? I can't find it anywhere. Even Google can't find any results for the band, either "The Trundra Workshop" or "The Tundra Workshop". I'm dying to get that song, but it's not working out for me - no one's heard of it!
The information had been transposed, that's why nobody can seem to find anything.

Correct information is as follows:
ARTIST is Bedroom Rockers
ALBUM TITLE is Tundra Workshop.
Amazon Link
Nothing Else Matters by Bedroom Rockers and is from the album The Trundra Workshop.
Yeah ...
I saw that correction a little too late ... teehee ... :p
Thanks for correcting it here as well! B)