MTV True Life I'm Getting Plastic Surgery


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Ok, this is a really old series... it aired in 2003 I think. But many people never forgot that series, "I;m getting plastic surgery", the guy with the calf implants, and the 2 girls who got liposuctions to pose for playboy.... in that show, there was this backround rock music playing, like this guitar, and i've heard it somewhere else on MTV cribs too. This song played on True Life Im getting plastic surgery when this woman was crying, talking about how she's had numerous procedures and it all failed on her and she was so screwed up, and as they were showing pics of it, this song was playing in the backround. anybody have ANY idea?? cus this song was SOOOOOOOO good, and A LOT of people wanna know the name of that song, it's just that I remember very clearly which episode it was on because that's how good this song was, for me to remember. LOL
if anyone has any idea, please let me know!!! thanks so much <3:D