MTV True Life I'm Backpacking Through Europe


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Hopefully alot of you have been able to catch the MTV newest ep of "true life" with the two groups of friends that go to europe. The two girls and the two guys and they follow everything they do. I was watching when there following around the girls and started to here a song that is on the tip of my tongue but i cant name it, it plays when the girls are trying to get on a train and they sneak on without paying and then right at the end the song ends and she says that it left or somthing at '12:43'. Hopefully somone recognizes the song to help out a lil bit more it plays before the story of the year "untill the day i die". Hope someon can help thanx.
Do you know any of the lyrics? What genre is it? Is it a male or female singer?
there were no lyrics but i know its a male singer, i have heard the song before, i just cant name it, its more of a heavy sound more than a punk and sort of has a begining like linkin park would have but is definatly not linkin park, one of theres that would start off quick right to the tempo type of song. If i could sound out what it sounds like i would but i dont know how you would type that haha.
i watched the episode, and don't recognize the song. sorry. :(
I believe it was "Such Great Heights" by Postal Service ummm i dunno about you guys but im pretty sure "heavy" is far from postal service. It starts off with guitar with an decent tempo, not slow laid back as such great heights is.
HSSSS!!! Wow! :eek:

Sorry. I was just relying on my memory of the episode and the song they were playing at the part you were describing. Sometimes people describe a song and it's a million miles away from the actual song.
my bad its cool i do remember that postal service playing during the ep.
nope i hope it does its bothering the heck out of me