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About a month ago, I saw a promo on Comedy Central for 30 Rock, from what I remember, it was really short, either very little or no scenes were in this promo, it was mostly like "Watch 30 Rock on Thursdays on Comedy Central..."

No lyrics, it's "electronic" sounding for lack of better words, it wasn't guitars, not drums, not pianos, it was just this electronic/synthesized pop sound....it was sassy/fashionable

I watch RuPaul's drag Race too, and I heard this particular music used in the most recent season of that show too

Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?
Re: 30 Rock promo /RuPaul's Drag Race

It might be a new song of some kind, new as in being released in the past year, since I've heard that same model/ cool attitude song on a couple other shows too, I think maybe Real Housewives Atlanta or one of the Kardashian shows, somethiong along those lines

Sometging about the song also sounds retro if that helps at all, I'm sure that the song is from today, 2011/2012 but the sound of it, the synthesization of it rings like 90s.....