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Does anyone know that song on one of the CSI commercials? I don't remember the commercial anymore. The song's kinda funky and has like a trumpet playing in a certain rapid/repeating way. I believe it has drums in it too, some kind of good beat, can't really hear 'cause the announcer guy keeps talking. If anyone needs to know what the commercial is like, I don't remember much, but it shows like something like "Step I.. bla blablabla, Step 2:... blablabla, Step 3..... blbala. Can't remember what they're saying but I love the song!
which CSI was it for? did you try searching? you have to add an underscore to get results: _CSI
which CSI? lol, well I don't know, just some CSI commercial on SpikeTV, channel 30. That cops/fbi/mystery kind of show) :p and searching didn't work. Got close but couldn't find it.
yes, i know what CSI is -- but there are three versions of it: Las Vegas, Miami, NYC...
If it was on Spike TV then it was CSI: Las Vegas. If that helps any. :)
Well. sorry, but I don't know which one. It sure wasn't Miami, you might be right YSAPrincess23. Well, I've never watched the shows, but if there IS a difference in actors in each version, I believed it was the one that had this black guy in it with not like a HUGE afro, but I don't know how you call that. And an older kind of guy, sorry. I really don't know. :( but yeah, SpikeTV is the channel. Does my discription of the song help at all? Sorry if it doesn't.
I haven't seen CSI:NY yet, but I believe all three versions use different parts of the same song:

The Who's "Who Are You?" from the album Who Are You?
Thanks, but, it wasn't it. It wasn't any theme song, just a small, little 30 second ad for CSI, I know it's hard. but has anyone seen that Step 1, Step2, Step 3 commercial though? It's suposed to be sorta funny but aahhh never mind :p don't knw anything else to say. Is there a difference between Us commercials and Canadian comemrcials? might that be it, why many havent seen it and some have?
Originally posted by ainm@Oct 6 2004, 11:25 PM
I haven't seen CSI:NY yet, but I believe all three versions use different parts of the same song:

The Who's "Who Are You?" from the album Who Are You?
Actually that's not true. All three use songs by The Who but they are not all the same song.
The original CSI show is just called CSI, so when someone says CSI I assume they mean the original show. It just seems like people can be a little picky-unish.
No, it's been determined that this is an ad for the CSI reruns on Spike TV.
I've seen this ad too. It's basically billed as "how to pick up girls like a CSI" and then goes through lessons you should have learned from the show. It's not music that was ever used on CSI... have you tried contacting the cable station Spike TV? They may know what song is being used in the promotion. I agree with the description, kind of funky with a trumpet... I don't think there are lyrics. When I see it again I'll try to repost with anymore info.