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    Blue Mountain State

    Does anyone know the song played during the trailers for Blue Mountain State on Spike TV? It is so familiar, I know when someone tells me what it is, it will be a huge head slap for me. You know how it is the harder you try to remember something...
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    UFC Primetime

    There is a french rap song played during the show Wednesday night, you can also watch it by clicking on the front page of UFC.com and playing, it is about the halfway point of the show when George St. Pierre is training. I would like to know the name of the song, someone please help?
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    Spike TV commercial knee to the face

    awhile ago there was a commercial on spike that showed a guy getting kneed to the face in slow motion. ive been looking for it and i havent found it. can someone post a link to this commercial. thanks in advanced!
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    The Ultimate Fighter

    what is the music playing in the ultimate fighter 6 commercials
  5. L

    UFC Unleashed

    Does anyone know the heavy song used for the theme on UFC Unleashed on Spike TV? I cannot find the name anywhere. Not the theme to The Ultimate Fighter reality show..........UFC Unleashed...the show where the spotlight a certain fighter and show old fights. Whatever it is, it rocks!!!! :banghead:
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    Spike TV Video Game Awards

    Does anybody know the name of the song in the commercial for Spike TV's 2006 Video Game Awards? It's some punk song.
  7. R

    The Ultimate Fighter

    Who in bloody hell plays that kick ass rock and roll mix with rap song!
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    CSI on Spike TV

    Does anyone know that song on one of the CSI commercials? I don't remember the commercial anymore. The song's kinda funky and has like a trumpet playing in a certain rapid/repeating way. I believe it has drums in it too, some kind of good beat, can't really hear 'cause the announcer guy keeps...