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    CSI Miami Season 1

    I dont have much to go on but a while back i heard a csi miami song that i loved then i heard it again on kingpin (the show). but i cant find it. it was at the end of csi miami and it had a piano and someone saying let the drummer kid die or dramma kid (something like that). at one point i...
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    CSI Season 4

    Does anyone know what song is played during the commercial that cbs.com shows for the epsiode on the 25th of december. There isn't really an epsiode on the 25th but they have a commercial for that date. It's a good trailer for CSI in general. In the end it says "Assume Nothing" but it is not...
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    CSI Season 4

    CSI There was a CSI episode that aired on Thursday December 19 on Spike (I believe) which had many awesome tracks, some of which I recognized. There was a track by Lamb, a track that could have been by Cinematic Orchestra, and then two others I didn't recognize. There were two seperate...
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    CSI Miami Season 3

    CSI Miami What's the beginning theme song to CSI Miami? I know it's either "the doors" or "the who"
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    CSI Miami Season 2

    Any ideas?