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CSI Miami

What's the beginning theme song to CSI Miami?

I know it's either "the doors" or "the who"
While the doctor is doing the autopsy on Speed there is a song playing. It's a male singer, slow and sad, the only line I can remember is "where is the boy". Anybody know what it was?
Hi. It was a really sad song wasn't it, almost brought me to tears. But anyways, it was Coldplay, (the lead singer's name is Chris Martin, he's married to Gwenneth Paltrow - they just had a baby girl, who's name is Apple) Ah, but those details do not completely answer your question. I too, wish to know the title of their song, it may be off of their upcomming album, but I'm not entirely sure. Any takers? <_<
Thanks for the random superfluous tidbits of information :lol: , and the name of the band. I thought they sounded familiar. Now, any takers for the title of the song?
Actually it's not Coldplay..... ;)

It's by a UK band/composer called Faultline, i just found it. It's called "Where's My Boy", featuring Chris Martin from Coldplay. It is on the "Your love means everything" CD, recently re-released with bonus track. you can find it on Amazon.

I guess.....^___^

I'm actually listening to Faultline on their website right now......they kick ass!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Did I say thank you? :D

That song is also available on iTunes for anyone who wants to know.
I knew the voice was Chris Martin, but I'm a huge Coldplay fan and had never heard that song... it got me all excited that maybe they were premiering something off their new album or something. You crushed my dreams! I hope you're happy.

Does anyone know the song from tonights CSI:Miami, the song is being played as a cigar boat is trying to get away from the coast guard, the words "get away" are in the lyrics. Any help would be great.
Chris Martin is also featured on the Faultline song "Your Love Means Everything Pt. 2" for those who liked "Where Is My Boy?"
CSI Miami

Good Day!

Last night's CSI Miami had a cool rock tune playing - over a shot of all the boats speeding out to sea. Sounded kind of like a Creed, Hoobastank, hard melodic rock vibe.

Any ideas gang?

MJL :blink:
I was wondering about that song too! :D Anyways, it's "Wicked Games" by Chronic Future. You can hear an audio sample here, it's track 6.
this is probably a long shot but i thought it would be worth a try.

there were several songs i liked.. they may not have even been songs.. just backgound music.

the "songs" took place:
1) near the beggining of CSI when some guy was taking pictures of stuff on the dirt. it looked like a peice of paper with a heart on it or something. (this was in miami at the 16 year old girls house where here parents were killed.)
2)this was in Ny- some guy from NY- the leader on his case was swabbing a drain in the sink at some guys house.

i doubt i will get any help but.. like i said.. its worth a try!
I remember watching this episode a while back but I can't remember the songs. Can you describe them? Were there any lyrics, vocals?