CSI Miami Season 2

I fell asleep before the end of it so I didn't catch it, and I can't find anything online just yet.. do you remember any lyrics?
I saw the end, and when the song came on I had a "I bet someone will ask about this one on the Forums" moment. But, I was stupid and didn't get beyond that. Oh well... I don't recall the lyrics -- It definitely sounded like Annie Lennox though.
Ah... and thanks to the magic of TiVo...

Yes, indeed, it is Annie Lennox.

The song is called "The Saddest Song (I've Got)" from the CD Bare.
Thought somebody would know this...

Whats the theme music at the beginning?
CSI Miami

What's the beginning theme song to CSI Miami?

I know it's either "the doors" or "the who"
Yeah, I know that site, but at the time it wasn't added yet, so I thought I would bring it up here.
AH! thanks! Lol, actually this answered a question about a song for a DIFFERNT episode. *dances* It is the song that PROVES all those Cal/Horatio shippers WRONG! (Delicate by Damien Rice. ep: Hurricane Anthony) MWA HAHAHAHA. Erm sorry. THANKS AGAIN!
I was watching CSI: Miami tonight (02/16/04) and a song caught my attention. This is the episode based around the murder with a MS2 (Miami Shield 2) hat. The plot involed a homosexual movie star and tabloid pictures. Anyways, the scene in question is when a woman is analyzing the MS2 hat the a patrol office took from the scene of the crime along with the film. The music has a woman singing and the bass seemed to go from a high to low note. It was repetetive but enjoyable. If you know the song or know how to find it let me know. Thanks.
During this evenings (Sunday April 4, 2004) episode of CSI: Miami I heard this really great techno song during the show. The title of the show is "Hard Time" and the episode number is 204.

The song is played about half way through the show while the character "Speed" (????) is in the laboratory analyzing a poison oak sample taken from the main suspects son.

This is about as specific as I can be.

Does anyone out there have any ideas as to what this song is?

Hasn't come on here yet (West Coast), but I'll keep an eye out for it.
Hello... can anyone help me out? I wasn't able to get lyrics to search it on my own. Something about "there is no one else to blame". It's a female vocalist, sad sounding, and was during the scene where the coroner was examining the victim...
Thanks in advance!
The song is played when the coroner is taking off her make up... the lyrics say something like "i hurt myself again today"... its pretty sad sounding.. sorry about the cryptic info. Any help would be great!