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06.09.04. today was the first time (not surprising, i don't watch tv all that much) i saw an ad for samsung with video option. The commercial kept mentioning that it was the story of a girl with (fill in the blank with adj usually attributed to movies). Some apparently sexy guy finds her cell she has left behind. The song contains the lyrics "I was crying over you." Any ideas? :huh: muchisimas gracias.
Is this the phone ad where they play "Dice" by Finley Quaye ft. Beth Orton?

Click on # 10. Listen to it for a while, because I believe you might hear the part in the middle. The clip starts after the beginning high pitched guitar thing you hear at the beginning of the song in the ad, but listen to the middle and you'll hear it.

I highly recommend The O.C. Mix 1. :D

If I'm thinking of a different ad, sorry!
OK, you must be seeing a different ad than I see (in the U.S). In the Samsung phone ad I've seen, a woman is shown in different situations at a club, on the street, etc - "This is the movie about my life - romance, adventure, ...this is the movie about me." (Something like that.)

But no tango music. :D So I'm not talking about the same one you are. Sorry!
I would also like to know about a song that was played in the ad that Hoodie mentioned (I live in the U.S. also). At the end of the commercial, a piano starts playing and the girl with the videophone says "this is a movie about me, BY me." I know I recognize this from something but for the life of me, I can't remember what. I just downloaded the Finley Quaye song, that's not it though perhaps it appears somewhere else in the commercial.

Thanks for any ideas?
Yeah, I've listened to that whole Finley Quaye song, and it 's not the one I'm referring to. Anyway, I just caught pretty much the same Samsung ad on another network with different music, so who knows. One of these days I'll get it -- will share when that happens. Thanks.
HI I have been looking for the song from the samsung commercial too. The "Dice" song is the song they play at some point in the commericial but I am looking for the song when she goes "out on the town" has a faster is the tune right before it slows down to a slower tune.

Hi again. I saw two different versions of the same Samsung commercial on E! television this evening. Both use different music.

It is a piano played at the very end of the commercial, over which the girl says, "this is a movie about my life, made my me". It is not Finley Quaye's "Dice" unless there are other remix verisons of that song that I haven't heard. I can't find that West Indian Girl song either. But something tells me I've that this something I've heard before.

If anyone recognizes this piano bit, please let me know. Thanks.
Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone knows the song on the samsung commercial that plays in the beginning when the woman goes into a club. Its kinda upbeat technoish and it only plays for a few seconds.
i think I also remember hearing the same song on Episode 6 of Pimp My Ride. The episode with the girl and the beat up mustang. The song plays for a little when the car is in the garage i think.
The song is played on the newest Samsung Cellphone Commercial. As explained by the previous people. It has also been played a couple of times on MTV2. The song has a female singer. A Rockish kind of singer let's say. During the chorus in this song, I believe part of the lyrics go "...And no one can stop us now, but we're not, sorry, no..." it kind of sounds like The Distillers. Maybe it is, prolly not. IDK. But that's just some extra info. If you could hear my notes I could just say it goes "Da da da, dadada dada, da da dum, da da dum." But it isn't that easy. I hope that helps because I want this song just as bad as all of you. It isn't Campo and it isn't that song from The O.C. Mix 1. It might be West Indian Girls but I have yet to find an Audio clip by them to find out if it is. Well I hope this helps. Get back to me A.S.A.P. with any ideas.
Nope, it isn't West Indian Girls either. They play the song on the commercial as a ringtone on the cellphone. But it ain't Campo, West Indian Girls, or anything from The O.C. Mix 1 seeing how I have that cd...
I have no idea... Sorry. :(

Has anyone tried contacting Samsung and asking if they have any info on the music or the ad agency that produced the ad?
Nope, just checked up on it. It's not The Distillers. They have a keyboard in the song though now that I think about it. IDK I can't find it I just now that the lyrics go something like "...and no one can stop me now, but we're not, sorry, no..." and that during the chorus with a keyboard and a guitar and this girl singing. It's like a rock band with a chick singer how hard can it be to find them?
I just have to say that this commercial sucks, and whats worse, there are like 3 different variations of it that i'm bombarded with every time i watch my favorite shows. BASTARDS!

Anyhoo, i'd really like to know what the music in one of them is. I think it's the one where she goes "oops, i forgot my phone" and the guy comes over: "here you go".

The music is really mellow and it is a guy singing. I can't remember any of the lyrics, but theres a good portion of it in the commercial so i'm sure someone must recognize it. You really get to hear it in the end after that atrocious model shuts up. :blink:
The West Indian Girl song used in the ad is called What Are You Afraid Of. I could put a link to a part of the song if you all want?

As for the mp3 posted above (the one with the girl talking over the piano) that is not West Indian Girl. Sorry, hafta keep looking I guess.
where's the link?!!!!!!
anyway, i also want to know who sings this because it sounds really cool......