1. C

    Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV

    Hello, I'm new to this site but I do not intend to stay that long. I want to know what music was used in the Samsung ad "Neo QLED 8K: Full Feature Tour". I really like the way it sounds but I wasn't able to identify it using AHA music. This is most likely because the ad features a voice that...
  2. Y

    Best Buy Samsung

    Ok strange question I go into Best Buy and see their display of tvs for samsung qled not sure if it’s for the tv or sound bar but there’s a song that continues to play and I don’t know the artist or song title . I use the SoundHound app but it doesn’t pick up . So my question is what is the song...
  3. K

    Samsung Galaxy Watch Active "Reach Your Goals"

    Can anyone tell me what song this is?? I have been dying to know since it aired on TV!!
  4. S

    Samsung Galaxy Note 9

    Song and artist from this commercial? Female singer.
  5. S

    Samsung GALAXY Note 3 Sochi Olympic Winter Games

    Anyone know?
  6. dstutzman

    Samsung Galaxy S4 "Accolades"

    Shazam has labeled this one "Samsung: Accolades", but I've got nothing else to go by.
  7. F

    Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch

    What is the song that place in the back while they introduce the new Samsung Gear watch phone?
  8. C

    Samsung Smart TV "Charge"

    Just saw a Samsung commercial on 60 Minutes tonight. Great sounding song with soldiers and even a dinosaur running on the beach. I caught the tail end of it so that's all I have. Thanks.
  9. L

    Samsung Galaxy Note II LeBron James

    The Impressions - Keep On Pushing
  10. V

    Samsung Galaxy Note advert

    Please help me. :( I've watched the Samsung Galaxy Note and Smart TV advertisement, and was really into the background music they had. BUT!! In America, Europe etc, the song is different, which is one of the reasons why I cannot find this soundtrack, I searched all over the internet, but I...
  11. A

    Samsung Galaxy Note "Meet the Note"

    Hi All, Does anyone know the name of the song used in the Samsung Galaxy Note commercial that played Sunday during the Oscars ? I have been looking for the video but can't find it online. It was an instrumental song but not as upbeat as their other ones. Thanks !
  12. F

    Samsung Galaxy Tab

    Hey if anyone can help me, I'm trying to find a song off of one of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab commercials from 2011. It was on tv a couple of times, and I couldn't find anything on YouTube (although I'm sure it's hidden in there somewhere). Thank you very much for any help.
  13. simonsage

    Samsung Galaxy S 2 "Unleash Your Fingers"

    I wrote up a quick story on this ad last month. Music really makes it, and if anyone has details, I'm all ears. Not that I mind pulling up the YouTube video any time I want to hear it - never gets old. :) Dug a bit into the comments. Track is called La rose Vincent Drux - Siegfried de...
  14. J

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

    Name of artist and/or song?
  15. R

    AT&T Samsung Infuse

    View: Here is the link for the song. I'm guessing the music is made specifically for the ad, but it is certainly worth knowing who did it. Thanks in advance to responders, Rob
  16. S

    Samsung Washer "Monkey"

    There is a Samsung commercial with a little boy and his stuffed monkey. His mother puts him in the tub and the monkey ends up in the washing machine. The music behind the ad starts out "Yea, yea, yea.....yea, yea, yea". What is this song? It is also used for a Samsung TV commercial.
  17. T

    Samsung TV 3D LED

    there is an ad being shown on Asian TV right now for Samsung TVs. The ad involves people placing flatscreen TVs over a train's windows, and then the journey that it takes. Does anyone know what the music is? The only lyric I can catch is "travelling more..." Thanks.
  18. S

    Samsung 3D LED TV

    I need some help with identifying this ad: It played a while back in North America, but basically what happened in the ad was the whole parts of city blocks and plazas were transformed into tv screens. At one point there was a waterfall rushing over a plaza and a cat was on a building swatting...
  19. adieberyl

    AT&T Samsung Focus Windows Phone "What If"

    What is the name of this song? It keeps bugging be everytime it comes on.
  20. Guest

    Samsung Epic 4G

    I keep seeing this little ad while watching the Daily Show online. It's not the regular ad with the whole flying space ship thing. This one just has a song and some features being advertised. Can someone help me identify the song? It had limited lyrics, but here they are: I'd like to look at...