Samsung Galaxy Note "Meet the Note"


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Hi All,

Does anyone know the name of the song used in the Samsung Galaxy Note commercial that played Sunday during the Oscars ? I have been looking for the video but can't find it online. It was an instrumental song but not as upbeat as their other ones. Thanks !
Re: Samsung Galaxy Note

I love this song, so it put a smile on my face to hear it in a commercial after all these years. I originally bought Talkie Walkie for Cherry Blossom Girl, but Alone in Kyoto, Surfing on a Rocket and Universal Traveller are all great songs. :) Just like their name, the music is a breath of fresh Air compared to most of the crap on the radio.
Yes ! This is it. Knew I'd heard it before. Thanks guys !
Great music. I have not seen that particular movie so I did not realize that is what it was from.