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We love Dell! Especially this guy ;)

Jayanta_Chakravarty 1:49:44 PM} I am unable to replace it as it is no longer under warranty
{Jayanta_Chakravarty 1:50:15 PM} I meant a local hard ware technician in your locality
{ 1:50:47 PM} Woa wait? No longer under warranty? I bought warranty for three years
{Jayanta_Chakravarty 1:51:46 PM} It must be for the computer , not for the printer
{ 1:52:07 PM} Ok so am I better off buying a new one from like Home Depot or something?
{Jayanta_Chakravarty 1:52:13 PM} It ended in April of this year
{ 1:52:32 PM} omg that sucks
{Jayanta_Chakravarty 1:52:53 PM} I am really sorry
{ 1:52:54 PM} So am I better off buying another printer?
{ 1:53:06 PM} Are you a boy or girl?
{Jayanta_Chakravarty 1:53:24 PM} In that case, i can recommend the latest one namely, Dell 962 printer
{ 1:53:40 PM} Boy or girl?
{Jayanta_Chakravarty 1:53:46 PM} To know more , I would suggest you please contact Dell Sales Department whose number is 800-915-3355. extension 7266200
{ 1:54:09 PM} I'm just trying to figure your name out
{ 1:54:58 PM} ok but if you were in my postion, a college student, broke most of the time, ect. Would you ask your parents to buy a new one from home depot?
{Jayanta_Chakravarty 1:54:59 PM} I am from India
{ 1:55:15 PM} WOW!! India! Are you there right this second?
{Jayanta_Chakravarty 1:55:51 PM} Well, that 's why I recommended to first contact a local hard ware technician first and then explore further options
{Jayanta_Chakravarty 1:56:06 PM} Yes , I am in new delhi
{ 1:56:09 PM} That's what YOU would do?
{Jayanta_Chakravarty 1:56:26 PM} Yes, if i were you
{ 1:56:38 PM} Ok, so you ARE a girl
{ 1:57:02 PM} so what am I suppose to do with this printer then?
{Jayanta_Chakravarty 1:57:16 PM} No, Unfortunately
{ 1:57:44 PM} Aww being a girl isn't so bad. Wait no to being a girl or being in India this very minute?
{Jayanta_Chakravarty 1:57:49 PM} Take it to a local hard ware technician and try to fix it
{ 1:58:09 PM} Are you a technician?
{Jayanta_Chakravarty 1:58:13 PM} By the way, what is your name?
{Jayanta_Chakravarty 1:58:27 PM} Yes, i am a Dell certified technician
{ 1:58:31 PM} Erika, what's yours?
{Jayanta_Chakravarty 1:58:45 PM} That sound's girlish
{ 1:58:55 PM} ok Dell Certified Techinician, are you local to me?
{Jayanta_Chakravarty 1:59:13 PM} In what sense?
{ 1:59:19 PM} Well whoever created my name intended it to sound girlish
{ 1:59:35 PM} As in, are you in Galveston Texas, or anywhere near?
{Jayanta_Chakravarty 1:59:47 PM} I am in india
{Jayanta_Chakravarty 2:00:04 PM} 10000 miles way
{ 2:00:07 PM} WOW!! Take a picture for me!
{ 2:00:44 PM} Ever been to the US?
{Jayanta_Chakravarty 2:01:11 PM} No unfortunately. But i will in future
{Jayanta_Chakravarty 2:01:36 PM} Is there any other technical issue I may assist you with, today?
{ 2:01:39 PM} To work for Dell?
{ 2:01:59 PM} Well is there ANY way at all I can get this printer fixed BY dell?
{Jayanta_Chakravarty 2:02:00 PM} Yes, of course
{ 2:02:15 PM} You should come to Texas smile.gif
{Jayanta_Chakravarty 2:02:22 PM} Well, in that case, you can contact I will suggest that you contact Dell Out of Warranty services at 800 288 4410.
{ 2:02:42 PM} A number? There is no chat support?
{ 2:03:02 PM} What does your name mean?
{Jayanta_Chakravarty 2:03:27 PM} It means victory
{ 2:04:14 PM} Mine means Ruller of all
{ 2:04:31 PM} Ok so what is the out of warranty people gonna tell me?

He said that they were gonna tell me how much I would have to pay to get it fixed. I said ''F that I'll just wait till you get here (U.S.) and drop it by your place''
he said ''I will call you when I get there''
I got excited and said ''WOW you have my number?" He said no that I should give it to him. I asked for his. He didn't answer me for a while ...hmmm I wonder <_<
So I said ''Cell phone, Home phone? Anything''
He responded saying he didn't have those, so I was like :( How are you gonna call me? He says
Is there any other technical difficulties I can assist you with. I said no then asked him for his email. He said that he ''wasn't allowed to give that information out'' :angry:
Then I say bye
The End
HHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! You got triple owned. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Originally posted by cultclassic@Sep 12 2005, 06:20 PM
Jayanta = Victorious
Chakravarty = Emperor / King of Kings
That was so hot.

HAHAHA Erika!! Oh my god girl, you got the TOUCH! ^5
Hahaaaaa I Laaaaaaaauve it *kick* ima send it to you
:p I have this many 498172349823704987230948723480347237

wanna borrow one?