MTV's Spiderman TV show theme


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I remember seeing this show on MTV a few months ago, i dont think the show lasted, but in the opening of the cartoon there was a dance/techno sounding song that would play as the cartoon spiderman would web through the city and preview some of the show, maybe someone has a sharper ear then me and saw the show and recognizes it.

I also just wanted to say I just registered and this forum seems to be prety cool! some of you are amazing at knowing songs by just a little info, so sweet place here!
Thanks so much, good for me already 2 errors, wrong board and didnt know about the weblogs great start =D haha
Ha just follow up, there is not a exact song available that anyone knows??? I see all the things about the artist, but i cant find the exact song... anyone else have this problem? or someone know the right name??
The exact song is "heaven scent" By John Digweed if anyone else was interested... sounds better in the show though