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If anyone was watching the Making the Band 3 today 3/10 on MTV at the end it showed previews for the next episode and it showed all the girls at a club dancing to this song that kinda sounds " da da dadada da da da dadada da" it was like a guitarish sound clubbish kind of music. Anyone know? This song has played plenty of times on MTV Cribs other shows and VH1 shows too.
OK so i just saw the episode on 3/18 all the girls are at the club dancing to the song and I heard some lyrics I think its a girl saying in the background "baby you want me" or sometin like that.
Making The Band 3

Does anyone know what the theme song for Making The Band 3 is? Is it a song by the future band? And what is the song that they are always practicing their dances to? They're both female singers. Kind of hip-hop/pop. I don't know any of the words right now. Thanks!
they were practicing to naughty girl- beyonce and baby boy - beyonce.
No I don't think it was either of those songs. I would have recognized those. Were there any other songs they did the choreography to?
"I'm feelin seexxy.. I wanna hear you say my naaame.. booy" yeah that's definetly Naughty Girl by Beyonce
yup that is the song alright thnx very much really appreciate it B)
Ok I need help. What is the song where the girls in Making The Band 3 get props: pimp hats, canes and chairs and Michelle is late. It is episode 4 from season 3. What is the song. The lyrics at the end has 1,2,3, Oh. It sounds like Christina Aguilera. Please help me. It is a good song but i dunno what it is. So help me please
I also want to know this song. This is the same question I posted somewhere else here and they thought it was either "naughty girl" or "baby boi" by Beyonce but it is not either of those. I think they thought I was talking about a different scene. Some of the other lyrics i caught were:

"...tell you something.."
"...tell you how I feel..."
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regarding the theme song: i believe in the past, it's always been a song from the group in the making... so if that's the case, we probably won't know a name until the single/album is released. (this is just a guess though)
Ok I found more lyrics for the song when the dance with the canes, pimp hats, and chairs. The song says Hot burn alot so that might be it. But i dunno.

More of the lyris are

oh oh oh
When I tell you something
To see how you fell
When he comes around
I get to feeling ill
It's an achy feeling
Inside my chest
Its like a woman in a to tight dress
Tell me the rushing in my body
oh oh oh

You've got me tripin Slipin

Medication But that don't really help

Unun tell me what i got
cause I'll be alright 1,2,3, Oh
Ok I think I found the song It is Alicia Keys - Heartburn from her new album The diary of Alicia Keys. It is song number 3. So there is the song for where the are dancing with the pimp hats and everything.
You can find an audio sample of "Heartburn" here. Also available from .

Is this the song everyone else was referring to?
I think it is "Heartburn" by Alicia Keys. I listened to the sample and also looked up the lyrics and they're the same ones that Rxuss1 posted.
I am addicted to listening to the song that they all perform. Same beat...different lyrics. 'Shake ya body, move ya body...blahblah'

well wouldnt you think if there is the same beat and different lyrics for each group that there wouldnt be a single title? Im just sayin. Its a song that they just used to practice with that they made up on their own.
Does anyone know the name of the song at the beginning of the episode where it is showing the girls rehearsing and P. Diddy is talking about how they need to practice. They aren't dancing to the song it is just on for dramatic emphasis.
I don't know what the name of the song is but I think it sounded like ex Spice Girl Mel C.
What is the name of the song that was on the beginning of the show that was playing as the girls were rehearshing and P. Diddy was saying that they needed to work harder? The girls weren't dancing to it, it was just on in the background.