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Haha, I knew one day I would stoop to this. I make radio sweepers for WSFR in Boston (Suffolk University Radio), and I have been looking for the name of this song.

It has been used alot on many TV shows and commercials, most notibly (to me) Ren & Stimpy. It is "sort of" 50's music, and you can picture the 50's housewife using lysol around the house or something. Here now is my terrible attempt at trying to type the sounds of the song:

Da...Da... Dee Dee Dee Dee Do Do Do Do Dee Dee Dee Dee Do Do Do Do Dee Dee Dee Dee Da Da Da Da Do (Da Da Dee Do)... (repeat)

SOMEONE shock me with an answer :) Thank you.
Well, I can tell you that typing out the music with "Do"s and "Dahs" in a message NEVER works. :) (In my experience, at least.)

I have no idea what song you're referring to, but I think you might be looking for the song "Holiday Playtime" by King Palmer. You can find it, and similar 50s ad music on the CD Music for TV Dinners. You might also want to check out the Ultra Lounge CD series - really great collection of every type of lounge music you can imagine.
For some reason I knew the Ren & Stimpy question was coming ever since that other question was asked about the 50's style Juicy Fruit commercial.. LOL
According to this site, composer Raymond Scott had a lot of music featured in Ren & Stimpy. You can find all of his music used on Ren & Stimpy on his Reckless Nights & Turkish Twilights CD. That might also be what you're looking for, although Scott's music is more 40s era than 50s.
Could be Jack Beaver - Workaday world, which is on the Music for TV Dinners 50's collection.
Hello. I am hoping this is a good place to find these things out.

Every once in a while I hear these songs over and over again. I first noticed them in Ren and Stimpy, and hear them quite often. Just recently in a SpongeBob cartoon.

These songs are similar to the music they would play in 50's family films, or news reels and such. I would like to have a copy of those, but i just cannot seem to find out the names of ANY of these songs.

I have a little cartoon production studio and think the music would be great.

does anybody have an IDEA what i am talking about?


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I am glad i didnt try to do the "Dee Dee Dee Dee" thing.

YeP. that is the ticket! Thanks a Lot!
Ok. I am looking for a song that appears in the ren and stimpy show numerous times. I know for a fact that it is played towards the end of "big house blues" which is the pilot and first episode. I know it has been played in more than just this episode as well. I checked the music for tv dinners, didn't find it, checked numerous ultra lounge cds, didn't find it. Looked up composers like raymond scott, scott bradley, carl stalling, didn't find it. Jack beaver's "work a day world" is close but not the song I'm looking for. If you want a wav of the song from the episode, contact me and I can give it to you. It might help a bit. If you happen to have "big house blues" watch the end where ren and stimpy are taken inside the family's home, it is played there. If you have no idea what it sounds like, please contact me and I'll give you a sample. Nobody I know has been able to find it yet.

Thanks a lot
You'd get a better response if you just post the file somewhere and provide us with a link.

Powwderrrrred Toooooooast Maaaaaaaaan :p
nah, I don't think it's the same song that you are looking for dyce. I have heard the song you are looking for though. When I get some more time I'll try to see if I can find out what it is. I think I ran across it once.

Oh by the way, I can't post a link to it because I have no webspace available at all. I'm more than happy to send it to anyone that contacts me. If you have the time, just please get in touch.
Looking for the name of either the piece or the artist. It has a distinct 50's "Industrial film" sound to it. They used it a lot in Ren and Stimpy, but it was also used in the mock Industrial Film sketches in Who's Line is it Anyway.

Help me out here, folks.

i'm trying to find a theme song for an assignment but i don't know what it's called, you might remember it from "Ren and Stimpy" or more recently in the Mcdonalds -Spicy cajun nuggets commercial, when the people all rush to get water.
i don't know where else i've heard this song but
I can probably help you out if you can give some more info...lyrics, type of song, etc. Or is it the theme of Ren and Stimpy that you are looking for?
i duno it's like a kind of happy quirky song, i can't explain it, it's similar to the song when homer is dreaming of "the land of chocolate" in simpsons
Well it isn't Hackney Carriage.

Now I, too, would love to know what this song is...
my dad has a song "holiday for strings" by David Rose which almost sounds the same...perhaps the one in the mp3 link is a newer version...ARGH what the hell is it!!
ok the song IS "holiday for Strings" but as to which version is the one we all know, the there's one i got but it's not the same orchestra pieces and a bit fast
The closest I found on itunes is by the Manhattan Pops Orchestra. Album is 'Fiddlers On The Roof.'
Okay! Here's hoping someone here can work some magic on these boards and locate a full name for THIS song!

Now, over the last several years, I've heard this song in several different shows, but one of the most recognizable incarnations would probably have to be in the Ren & Stimpy episode "Fire Dogs". It plays during the scene where Ren is being "rescued" by a REEEEEEALLY fat woman falling down the ladder, and Stimpy douses the big building fire with a really big bag of cat litter. Memories not quite jogged yet?

Okay! On your mark... Get set... REMEMBER!!!!


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