Need help finding a song title


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okay here it goes,
This song has been plaguing me for quite some time now lol.
It's been used as a 50's information film music, more recently I've heard it on Whose line during a "hey you down there" skit, as well as on ren and stimpy.

I've read the forum posts on "Holiday playtime" as well as "workaday world", and even checked songs like "happy go Lively" and "trafficsacpe" While these songs fit the genre exactly, they arent the song I'm looking for.

Does anyone know the name of this song? It's driving me crazy.


Nope no lyrics.
It's just background music. People mainly use it when they make parodies of 50's "educational" films.
I mean I would do the Doo's and dah's but I know that doesnt help at all.

The songs I listed sound almost exactly like it.
yeah I have.
I listened to the sound clips amazon offered.
But they dont list them all. I dont know if taking a chance and purchasing a cd on a chance that it might be on there is smart. =\

I figured I'd see if someone knew the song title before I bought the cd on a hunch
Nope wasnt on it.
I'm going to check a few of the ultra lounge CD's, or perhaps find a clip of a whose line episode that has it in it. and if I cant I might have to resolve myself to use doos and dahs lol j/k
Well no luck.
This stinks too becuase I even found a episode number of whose line that features the song #130.
okay I pounded out the song on my keyboard, and uploaded it as a wav file to my site, It's just the first couple notes, (it's all I know). Please mind the crudeness I did it on a cheap casio, with one hand while I was holding the microphone up to it lol

Hope it helps


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