Health Promotion Project "Sexy Boys"


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Originally, I saw this commercial during the first airing of this season's SNL with Jennifer Aniston. It came directly after the monologue (although the lineup of commercials has undoubtedly changed by now...) and has several attractive women seducing the camera while this heavily bass-y music is going "doo dee doo doo dou dee, dooo dee dooo dooo dou dee" and some filtered female voice is repeating "sex-y boooyyys". I don't know why, the song just stuck in my head... I have the commercial recorded (one of the girls near the end is SERIOUSLY hott [second 't' intentional to excentuate her astounding looks...]) if anyone would like me to send it to them for reference.

A more detailed description:
Throughout the ad, a little blue logo in the bottom left says "The Henry J. KAISER FAMILY Foundation" and theres a phone number and website address to the right of it.

Below that it says:
"Placed by Health Promotion Project"

Oh, and the commercial is advertising the use of condoms. Near the end of the advert., one girl says "I like sex better with a condom... I wouldn't do it any other way..."

Thanks in advance for any help, I hope that's enough info!
(Also, I skimmed through the listed site and didn't find any relavant information, I also did a search on this site, but came up empty handed... :( )
yay me too!

i love "playground love"...another commercial song favorite ;)
OMG!!!!! That's what I have piped through my headphones at this very moment. :eek:
There's just nuttin better than GOOD SAX. :lol:
Yeah...kinda spooky/weird though. :huh: Anyway I've moved on to George Benson. :D
haha i've gone in the same listening direction.....PRODIGY...oh waitaminute... :blink: :lol:
Uhhhhh...Yeahhhhh. I think they're planning a tour with George. :lol: