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There was a promotional commercial playing on HBO in December of 2008 for the movies playing on HBO during the holiday season. It featured movies already playing on HBO, e.g.: The Simpsons Movie, Transformers, Shrek The Third etc... The song had a female singer who kept singing the lyrics "say what you will".

The song had a holiday type sound to it, and the commercial featured movie screens on strings that were moved around like puppets. Yeah, I know that sounds weird, but I can't quite describe in any other way. The commerical ended with the words "Happy Holidays".

The singer sounded somewhat like Sarah Mclachlan but it's not her.

If anyone remembers this commerical or knows the singer, please let me know!

Re: 2008 HBO promotional song for holidays

Unfortunately, no. The tune on the commercial starts out with what almost sounds like bells jingling, and it's sort of like pop music...and the only lyrics are "" and she sings it several times. The singer's voice sounds similar to the girl of A Fine Frenzy or even Golderapp. Grrr..I haven't seen the commercial since around Christmas so I'm not able to give more details.
Re: 2008 HBO promotional song for holidays

Sorry. It's more peppier than that song. I don't think it is Sarah Mclachlan singing the lyrics. Maybe it was made specifically for the commercial?

The commercial consisted of movie screens, which showed recent and upcoming movies for the new year, on strings like christmas ornaments and the screens moved around like they were going to be hung on a tree. All I can add is that it started out with sleigh bells jingling and it was a pop type song. I think the more I describe it, the weirder I'm making it sound. This may be a lost cause...but I hope not! :)