New HBO promo (orig. series/movies/docus) song?


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Who knows the name of the song for the new HBO promo - it ran after Big Love on 5/21 at about 11:03pm and features new and returning HBO series as well as movies, documentaries, specials, etc?
The spot shows all HBO programs with an underlying song...what is it????

Driving me crazy - what is it?

On Sunday (5/21), just after Big Love, HBO ran a promotional montage for its various series. As the song played, lyrics were occassionally flashed in text on the screen. I think one was "why does everything go wrong" or something like that. It sounded a bit like, but wasn't, Keane. Anyone know what artist/song I'm referring to?
Saw the same one, but no one else seems to - great song - anyone else, please help.
The song in the new HBO promo is 'How to save a life" by The Fray
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THAT'S IT!!!! THANKS. It aired again between the Sopranos and Big Love on Sunday, 6/4/04. It's also not on the videos that you can play on the HBO site, so thanks.