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I heard a song playing in the background of a commercial for upcoming movies on HBO. The ad has "HBO signature" displaying in the lower corner and it's a male's voice but i can't make out the lyrics. Has a bunch of actors from different movies screaming out in anguish, including Naomi Watts from the movie "the ring", who is screaming out in horror

I'm not sure but i think the song lyric whenever they scream out is : "I'm in pain..." or something like that.

Does anybody know what song this is?



PS- I don't think it's one of the other popular songs used on HBO/Cinemax commercials, eg: Clocks, God put a smile upon your face, relative ways, where ever you will go.
Haven't seen the ad - I'll be on the look out for it.

It's really difficult to keep up with HBO ads - they change their tv spots (and music) around constantly, and since it's not a traditional network, not everyone sees the same ads with any kind of frequency.

Hopefully this will improve once the new seasons of SEX AND THE CITY, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM and THE SOPRANOS start in the coming months.
I think you may be looking for "Shot, Shot" by Gomez from the "In Our Gun" album.

Hello, I have been reading the forums and checked all the HBO threads and still can't find the music from the current HBO commercial.
The music plays as they show scenes from all types of different HBO series that air on HBO, it is not for just one show but all the HBO series... I love the music but can't find it.
Any help would be great.

Looking for the song on the new "Upcoming movies on hbo" commercial has baby mama ,10000 bc ,fools gold ,and some i cant remember..the songs is kinda tekno\dance\rock hybrid please help me find out the name.
If it's the commercial I'm thinking of it's All We Are by One Republic
Re: HBO commercial for upcoming movies

i've also been looking for the song since that promo came out. sort of bummed no one knows what it is.
I've been trying to find this song for years

I saw someone else posted for the exact same thing, but it was in 2003. Here it is:
There was an hbo promo for upcoming movies, one of them was The Ring. I remember this because Naomi Watts is screaming, and pretty much all the other clips in the montage are of people screaming as well.
The song starts out with a guitar that has a chime type of sound to it, that is complemented by a simple bass line. The guy singing is sort of yelling the entire time. The only lyrics I could make out are either"I'm in pain", "I'm insane", or "I'm in insane, in the brain." and at the end of the chorus he yells one of these phrases holding the last word.
The song was also featured in MTV true life:I'm going to fat camp.
I have tried to find the promo on youtube, search the mtv website for possible song credits, but keep turning up empty. if anyone knows the song or even how to find songs used in mtv shows that would be helpful. I also went to MTV's "soundtrack" website, but it doesn't have true life listed.

Re: I've been trying to find this song for years

I've also heard it played in Journey's shoe store. random, but might help.
Re: I've been trying to find this song for years

Forgive me for asking the obvious, but is it "Insane in the Brain" by Cypress Hill? (iTunes) (iTunes video)
no i wish it was that easy. it was indie/alternative sounding. the chorus was like"
i'm insay-ayyynn, in the braaa-aaaiinnnn, i'm insaaaane. . . that's the best i can do for singing/typing. the words were held a bit. i've tried all kinds of lyric searches also, but not yet found it.
no, but thank you. the guy's voice was a sort of higher pitch, like ben folds or hot hot heat.
Like estacus said, it is the new movie line-up ad, NOT the HBO Original Series commercial and NOT One Republic...
HBO lineup March 2009 promo

ok, so normally I'm answering these questions rather than asking. But I just moved here from Europe so am enjoying the music I'm hearing here.

So can anyone identify thetrack from the very recent HBO promo, it was shown right before the Will Ferrell 'Thank you America' special on Sat. 14th March.

Here's some more info...

Shots/scenes from Eastbound & down & Big Love
it's a piano heavy soundtrack with lyrics pretty close to
''there's something here_______''

Please help and I will work my nuts off to return the favour or pass it on.

Re: HBO lineup March 2009 promo

"Absolute" by The Fray
I was looking for this song, too. So happy to find it :]
I heard the song late lastnight and was determined to find it today. The artist/group is Madcon. The song is Beggin'. I found it on ITunes.