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To lm6886,

I had the same question years ago, and I believe the song you're looking for is 'Relative Ways'
by ...and you will know us by the trail of dead. It drove me crazy. I know the exact promo you're talking about; because the screaming in the song was cut to fit shots of people screaming in the film; including Naomi Watts in The Ring, Robert de Niro in Analyze That, Harry Potter, etc.

I saw someone else posted for the exact same thing, but it was in 2003. Here it is:
There was an hbo promo for upcoming movies, one of them was The Ring. I remember this because Naomi Watts is screaming, and pretty much all the other clips in the montage are of people screaming as well.
The song starts out with a guitar that has a chime type of sound to it, that is complemented by a simple bass line. The guy singing is sort of yelling the entire time. The only lyrics I could make out are either"I'm in pain", "I'm insane", or "I'm in insane, in the brain." and at the end of the chorus he yells one of these phrases holding the last word.
The song was also featured in MTV true life:I'm going to fat camp.
I have tried to find the promo on youtube, search the mtv website for possible song credits, but keep turning up empty. if anyone knows the song or even how to find songs used in mtv shows that would be helpful. I also went to MTV's "soundtrack" website, but it doesn't have true life listed.
Hello Everyone,

There's a current spot for upcoming movies for the month of June on HBO that has a song I absolutely must know the name of.

The ad has clips of "Mama Mia", "The Dark Knight", etc. The song itself starts out very slow and sinuous, then double times the lyrics, followed by a bit of rap.

The ad ends with Heath Ledger's Joker clapping twice in time with the music.

Any help with the name of the song and the artist(s) would be greatly appreciated.
OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! YOU JUST MADE MY DAY, MY WEEK, MY YEARS!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! It seriously was killing me not knowing it, because it's a great song. You totally just rocked my freaking socks off!!!!!!!!
i would have replied sooner, but haven't been on this in months and today i just got a wild hair to attempt to find that song again. so glad i went on here today! YIPPPEEEEEEE!!!!!
Hi..I've been listening to a music currently being played on HBO while showing the details of next movies in line....the background usually remains like a underground garage with tubes & black background similar to that of batman as showed in "Dark Knight". About the music is its like an trance music genre and with drums & cimbals in background. Guys can u please help me in finding the music. Am just dying to find it coz its music just makes me mad. Lastly it has no lyrics. Plzzz help me. :confused: