HBO "Happy Holidays"


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HBO "Happy Holidays"


Anyone know the songs playing during the HBO promo ad now running? It can be viewed on HBO's website by going to, going down on a right a bit, and clicking "view video" under the "Happy Holidays" thing. It's a montage of shows and movies they show with a familiar pair of songs playing, but I can't for the life of me name them. Thanks.
It's Thomas Newman's Road to Peredition from the movie of the same name.

Hope this helps!
Looking for the HBO commercial covering all of the shows/movies from 2010 on HBO, and at the end it says 'Happy Holidays'.. can't seem to find it anywhere on Youtube or the HBO website. Anybody else seen this one?

Re: HBO Happy Holidays 2011

The song I heard was sung by a heavy metal group and had the word "falling" in it. It did show clips of all the HBO shows and said Happy Holidays at the end.
HBO Happy Holidays 2011 Commercial Song?

Hi guys,

I heard a song on the HBO Happy Holidays Commercial highlighting HBO series shows from 2011 and then on into 2012. This song sounds like airborne toxic event is the artist but not sure. Does anyone know the name of the artist/song?