1. M

    Zellers/HBC Holiday Commercial (2004-2007?) Winter Wonderland

    I'm looking for the specific version of "Winter Wonderland" that was used in a Zellers/HBC commercial back in approximately 2004-2007 (best guess). I don't remember much about the commercial - it may have had a snow globe theme. The song was sung by a woman, a slow and breathy "A beautiful...
  2. V

    Pringles Christmas

    Anyone know the name of this song? Shazam and Googling the lyrics (at least what i understand) dind't quite help. Thank you in advance.
  3. A

    USPS "Game Day 2014" holiday

    Can anyone tell me the name of the background music being used on this video
  4. L

    Christmas commercial help

    I have attempted to track down a specific Christmas commercial from possibly the early 2000s. I believe that there were a couple of fashion designers on it and one came out on a sleight and it was snowing. I want to think that it is a Target commercial, but my searches have been futile in that...
  5. T

    Heineken "Happy Holidays"

    Can you please find the song played in this commercial. Sorry I could not find it on youtube. This is the link that I found: Thanks
  6. S

    The Great Christmas Light Fight

    Aired Monday, December 16 ABC Network 9:PM EST Episode 2- Song playing in the background during the lighting ceremony of the first family from Connecticut, the Small family. It's the second song played in the background immediately following "The Most Wonderful Time of The Year" by Andy...
  7. A

    Apple Holiday "Misunderstood"

    Does any know what versions of the song "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" are used in Apple's new holiday ad?
  8. R

    Baileys for the Holidays

    Song ID???
  9. P

    Target "Santa's Running Late"

    I know the song is Carol of the Bells, but who does the version of it in this commercial? Sorry, won't embed... Thanks in advance for any help. :)
  10. D

    Walmart "Christmas Sweater"

    What is this version of Deck The Halls playing the background of this Walmart commercial titled Christmas Sweater. I'm sure it's an actual recording and not a piece recorded just as filler for this commercial as I've heard it on The Today Show last week. Neither Today nor Walmart are willing to...
  11. J

    Happy Holidays by Bing Crosby

    Hey guys, i'm a new user and i was wondering if anyone can help be identify a commercial by a description. I am a Marketing major in college and am doing a presentation in my Advertising class and i am really hoping to track down a clip of this commercial so i can show it. I think it probably...
  12. R

    CBS "Jingle Bells"

    Any ideas if the CBS show promo featuring J I N G L E B E L L S is available? Thanks!
  13. R

    Target "Done"

    Any one have a clue if the christmas standard in the Target "Done" ad is available ? A+ to Lowes who posted the name and artist in their latest batch of ads! Others should follow suit, no it should be required by law! :D
  14. J

    Glade Holiday Scents

    has anyone seen the glade 2011 commercial for the holiday season... i can NOT find a video on youtube so i don't have a preview, any people here know what song is on the commercial?
  15. M

    Air Wick Winter Lights Collection

    Air Wick The White Collection Well I just recently saw this ad for airwick the white collection and it has a really catchy ambiet lounge chill music playing in the background and i would just love to know what song and who it is by . It starts off with a redhead in her apartment with walls all...
  16. K

    Macy's Christmas

    Does anyone know anything about the song in the Macy's Christmas commercial? It's twelve days of Christmas, but I really like how it sounds. Does anyone know who the version in the commercial is by? thank you :]
  17. K

    Target holiday

    There's a new Target Holiday commercial that i just saw, does anyone know the song and artist? Thanks in advance
  18. E

    Sears Holiday "Perfect Sweaters"

    A re-mixed version of what I believe to be the song titled 'I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm'. Is that the exact title and which re-mix is it? Much obliged!
  19. T

    Mercedes-Benz Santa "Factory"

    I was just watching the Colbert Report and I saw a new Mercedes Benz commercial featuring Santa Claus. It started off as a simple piano piece but progressed into a Christmas-y type of song. Does anyone happen to know what the song is?
  20. M

    Holiday Scents The Fragrance Collection by Glade

    Does anyone know the title and artist for the instrumental featured in the new commercial for the Holiday Fragrance Collection by Glade? This song was previously featured in the trailers for the movie "Ms. Potter"