Happy Holidays by Bing Crosby


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Hey guys, i'm a new user and i was wondering if anyone can help be identify a commercial by a description. I am a Marketing major in college and am doing a presentation in my Advertising class and i am really hoping to track down a clip of this commercial so i can show it. I think it probably premiered around '07 or '08 and ran for 2 or 3 holiday seasons after that; its a holiday commercial that shows a cartoon house in the snow as a bunch of cartoon people enter it, presumably for some kind of Christmas party. Once the last of the people enter, the house shuts its eyes (windows) and lets out a long comfortable sigh. While all this is going on "Happy Holidays" by Bing Crosby plays over the commercial.
I thought maybe the ad was for toll house but i don't think that is correct although it definitely is some kind of food. Maybe a coffee? If anybody can remember this commercial and tell me what product its for you'd really be helping me out, i searched the forums here but to no avail.
Thanks for any help you can give me