Difficult car commercial song.


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Alright guys this song has perplexed me for years now but i remember a car commercial and I want to say it was a volkswagen commercial that was very odd colored, it was almost black and white (mostly just white/silver) with a woman in/around the car and it featured this song that was pretty prominent (like radio play) during early 2000s? The song is basically one woman singing with a piano and some other supporting instruments (mostly piano). the lyrics of what I can remember sounds something like "unchain me, do do do do doooo do do dooo" slowly sung. This is extremely vague and I apologize but i'm wondering if this might spark someone else's memory. The song is similar in era and style to like sneaker pimps - 6 underground and portishead - sour times.

thanks for any input at all and again sorry for the vagueness of the post, it's hard to formulate this in words from my head.