1. A

    1972 VW Volkswagen

    Hi Everyone; I'm hoping that someone might be able to help me with something that I came across on YouTube this evening. This is a vintage VW Commercial from around 1972. The music in it is somewhat familiar and I feel like I have heard it somewhere before, but using the standard apps like...
  2. Stargate38

    Volkswagen "Road Trip in the Jetta"

    Does anyone know what song is used in this commercial? I tried googling, but found nothing: https://www.ispot.tv/ad/A0qA/volkswagen-presidents-day-road-trip-in-the-jetta
  3. jca

    VW Passat "Rocking Out" 2012 Motor Trend Car of the Year

  4. S

    VW Volkswagen Beetle Turbo Philip Köster

    Can anyone recognize the songs in this new VW commercial? Thanks!
  5. C

    2012 VW Volkswagen Beetle "Slap Hands"

    Anyone know the track that plays on the new Beetle commercial where everyone is slapping hands and fist bumping?
  6. 7

    2012 VW Volkswagen Tiguan "Responsibly Wild"

    Im searching to find a song that i heard in a SUV Ad Unfortunately i dont remember the brand or model of that suv. i feel kinda bad not knowing that! I've seen this ad on the TV a few time this 2011 fall here in Canada. Ill try to describe the ad so mabee someone can help me find the song...
  7. E

    2012 VW Volkswagen Passat

    After searching I believe the music is Cramps.. Psychotic Reaction
  8. K

    2009 VW Volkswagen Golf "Welcome to the Family"

    There was a VW commercial that used The Carpenters song "Close to You". Find this video....someone PLEASE!!! Please and thank you!
  9. M

    2012 VW Volkswagen Beetle "It's Back"

    Wondering if anyone knows the artist and title of the song used in the most recent VW Beetle spot - with the red car, not the 'High Five' hand clapping version with the black car. Here's the spot on YouTube: Any help would be appreciated!
  10. D

    VW Volkswagen Passat

    Hi, I just saw another VW Passat commercial tonight that I think might be brand new. It had a really cool down tempo hip hop instrumental with a piano groove. I'd like to find out the name of the producer/artist if possible? I know a lot of the songs that VW uses are licensed from actual artists...
  11. D

    VW Volkswagen Jetta S

    I just saw a Jetta S commercial that, alas, I can't find online. It's some driving shots of a silver Jetta and the music is this tinny electronic keyboard chord pattern repeated. Sound like a song intro or something made just for the commercial. I know that's not much to go on, but if anyone...
  12. P

    VW Volkswagen "Up"

    anyone know the music? really high quality too. Thanks in advance!
  13. S

    VW Volkswagen Phaeton

    Hello, I am searching for the song of this particular Phaeton commercial: It's the one with the Kendo practritioners, the diver and, of course, the Phaeton. Please help me, if you know which song this is. Thanks in advance.
  14. donnadooverylittle

    VW Golf GTI Canada

    Who sings the VW Golf GTI song on the ad currently playing in Canada? It sounds like the scissor sisters, but I don't think it is!:unsure:
  15. T

    2012 VW CC Volkswagen "Nice Try"

    Anyone? I keep hearing it's "I'm a Criminal" by Paul Reddick. While similar, it is not the same song. Much appreciated.
  16. P

    2011 Volkswagen "Nice Try"

    Looking for the music from this ad:
  17. C

    Volkswagen Volksfest 2011

    Hey guys, these three Volkswagen Volksfest 2011 commercials are airing on heavy rotation up here in Canada and now this song is stuck in my head - I would like to find out what it's called. Thanks!
  18. D

    Volkswagen Beetle

    Anyone know if and where I can get the full version of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion's cover of Black Betty featured in this ad?
  19. A

    Difficult car commercial song.

    Alright guys this song has perplexed me for years now but i remember a car commercial and I want to say it was a volkswagen commercial that was very odd colored, it was almost black and white (mostly just white/silver) with a woman in/around the car and it featured this song that was pretty...
  20. B

    VW Jetta Gene Kelly

    Just saw new(?) Volkswagen Jetta ad with Gene Kelly (and another fella who's name slips my mind) dancing in the back seat... need that tune NOW! Thanks, Jack